Viking dude that got into the Capital today possible White Hat infiltrating antifa to gather evidence, whole event recorded (twitter thread)

Viking dude that got into the Capital today was a Marine infiltrating antifa for the good guys!

His buffalo horns had cameras in them and he got video of everything.

This is his sister’s twitter for proof:


Imagine if we were to find out that no one was actually shot today…

And it was just another false flag to try and make people (or a specific person) look bad…

This was from 2017. I was 8 months pregnant.

And yes, he is LITERALLY my brother so I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about.


The horns and face paint are a show for the clowns. He wears shirts and zero make up in real life.

Remember. Infiltration over invasion. How do you catch THEM ALL?

You infiltrate their most inner circles.

I think she’s got a serious point. It’s why cleanup will be swift without any uprising. They literally have them all by the balls.

Jake Angeli – Not his real name.


This was the actor profile used to infiltrate ANTIFA.

Why do you think he wears that headdress all the time?

If you can’t actually walk around with a GoPro on your forehead, what do you do?


Don’t you think a soldier infiltrating an organization would have a fake actor profile when ANTIFA has been hiring actors? LMAO.

Wake up!

To everyone claiming my brother is ANTIFA…


Frog face

Flag of United States

Don’t believe the reports circling!!These people are NOT Antifa!!!!!

The one with no shirt is my LITERAL brother!!!


But seriously.


And Patriots are in control.