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Trump is MIA for very good reason, his speech was green screened

IT’S GOING DOWN!! TAKE A LISTEN–YOU WON’T BE DISSAPOINTED (X-military guys discuss what is going on)

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Most agree that Trump’s speech was green screened. Trump is MIA. No one knows for sure where he is, so it makes sense that he would green screen is speeches lately. I think that is why Piglosi & Co are running around like chickens with their head cut off, FEARING what is coming…..if rumors are true that POTUS is NOT in the White House and he is hiding out on a Military base, which means he has full military support.

They believe the Capitol Hill incident yesterday was greatly staged. Police were NOT doing much to deter entrance. Why?

Ah this was good: one of them said that Trump sent Special Ops into the Trump Supporting crowd, so THAT they could immediately run to Piglosi and Schumer’s offices and pick up laptops. I can’t recall the number of laptops they picked up, but it was a lot!!! Way more than anyone would think. Very interesting.

3/4 of them believe this is NOT over yet. Trump did NOT use the word “concede” today at all. It only sounded like a well crafted concession speech, but in fact it was not. However everything Trump said is true, people need to calm down now. (This would be true whether Biden or Trump won, right? Still no concession and congratulations to Biden, which is customary.) (I will add, Trump never mentioned the word “Biden” in his “orderly transition” message, nor in his supposed “concession” speech. All very strange unless you have been a Q follower, and understand the coms.)

They are all Q followers.

It is a psy op walking people through what is really going on. To prepare us for what is going on right now.

Don’t listen to Lame Stream Media at all, as it is designed to totally demoralize you. Recall that the first step of conquering a country for communism is to totally demoralize the inhabitants of the country. Stop listening to Lame Stream Media, and you won’t be demoralized. Lame Stream Media itself is pure “psy-op”.

5,000 drops to bring us all along to where we are now.

Ivanka tweeted a clue for us, that the woman who “appeared” to be shot in the neck at the Capitol Bldg was a “crisis actor”. The whole scene was staged. Just what we thought. Ivanka confirmed it with a tweet from Jan 4th….obviously on Trump’s behalf, that Trump knew the script, and he knew a crisis actor would be portraying someone who gets shot in the neck, but they are NOT actually shot in the neck. Its a “movie”.

They then talk about the entrapment/blackmail schemes. Freshmen Congressmen get to DC to save the world, suddenly they have power and respect, they get invited out to dinner or a cocktail party at the White House or some other big power figure’s house. They get drugged (slip something into their drink) and then they are out of their mind, and while “high” they put them in a room with a small child and take obscene pictures. The next day the Deep State explains “the facts of life” to them. Either they DO what they are told, or these pictures will go everywhere, which will not only ruin their political career but ruin their career period, their social life, ditto for their family and extended family! Its a powerful motivator. That’s the carrot. The stick is: if they obey they get showered with lots of money, and promotions to powerful positions. And THAT is how our world is run.

In 2017 when the Saudi Prince arrested all the the top Saudi princes/leaders, they hung one upside down for 3 days to get info out of him. He confessed to all the people in on his payroll, about 70% of Wash DC leaders.

The first arrest the will shock the world might well be Mike Pence.

The Catholic Church is not Christian, it is actually a Luciferian order.

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