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Congratulations Anons. There aren’t many of us left as the herd has thinned out and is jumping ship in real time. The good news for us, is it allows us to take inventory of who is REAL and who is not. The “I’m a POTUS supporter, but don’t believe in Q” crowd are now painted into a corner. They can either tuck tail and run, or they can admit that the only unwavering group from the start has been us Deplorables and they can quickly buy in. We will always be dealing with Elitists. When the DS and the trash Left gets taken down, groups like the Turning Point types will try to step into that void and become drunk with power. They are all around, the RINOS, the RINOS turned supposed POTUS backers, the young who want to Instagram themselves at Mar A Lago and pretend they are the future Kingmakers, and then the dumb and blind like the PAY-triots who claim they don’t believe in Q but rip off and profit from all the things they steal from this board.

I dunno if we ever hear from Q again. I suspect not. Why would we? Are they gonna hold a presser and name who they were? Admit to sharing intelligence, pics, things that could get them in trouble? It’s naive to ever believe that to be the case, but it’s a good thing because now that we are in fact at THE PRECIPICE, we need to reflect again as to why we are here and who we are surrounded by. ITS JUST US….The unwavered Patriots who have been here from the start….and the Patriots who have joined along the way. We aren’t here for fame. We aren’t pretending to fawn over POTUS for a Mar-A-Lago cocktail party invite. We aren’t trying to get drunk in power. We aren’t trying to rip off Anons. We aren’t whining that our Dad wasn’t selected as the VP or pimping out Tracy Beanz. We are here because we are the backbone of the Q movement which makes us an indirect proxy of Q. Like he said, he picked us, and this board for a reason….and while many constantly seek for answers in conspiracy videos on Twitter, they forget the most important thing…..we are watching a plan, and if it’s 10,15, 20 years in the making…..do you really think that we would risk it all until 13 days before inauguration to need to steal House Hard drives with a guy in a Viking helmet? The answer to that is FUCK and NO. Who gives a shit about every little detail of the plan and having to know it, or the bad guys trying to distract you away with edited and uncontexted videos claiming everything is a conspiracy.

I love you fucking girls and guys (no homo). I love knowing I am surrounded by people that have the fucking stones to stand up and fight for what is right. I love that a young hacker prodigy is helping a Nam veteran boomer learn how to post on here (after telling him to fuck off and calling him a fag of course). I love that people from all countries are here. Most of us have been ostracized, shunned by the ones we love, called crazy, lost friends, jobs, everything, but we are all united by the same common bond and I wouldn’t wanna be any other place.

We are never gonna get public credit. Even after this is over, the people above will rush to fill the new power vacuum and continue to say Q was just some LARP, but we all know the truth. I suspect many of the people here played competitive sports, were in the military, have started businesses, have been beaten to a pulp in life but know how to fight their way out of it and aren’t quitters. This isn’t for everyone, most can’t handle it. If you are still here, you can handle it and you will find your future solace from being here in the past and that will be one of your biggest rewards in life.

Buckle your chinstraps the fuck back up Anons and hold up the 4 fingers proudly as it’s now time to dominate the fucking 4th quarter. I can not wait to wipe the fucking smirks off most of the people in this nation’s fucking face. You can best believe that….

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