The Russians Made me Do It

Despite Hunter Biden’s widespread exploitation of women—some of whom were VERY young—his acts which included solicitation for prostitution, trafficking, revenge porn, and possession/distribution of cocaine, haven’t resulted in even one criminal charge. This uncommonly good fortune can only be attributed to him having been dipped in the river Styx after birth and successive Teflon immersions. The resulting affects of his demi-god transformation have been that the DOJ and various state DAs consistently suppressed evidence of criminal conduct by him/his family. Just like Epstein, who managed dodge every bullet fired at him, Hunter too has been riding into the sun-set unscathed.

The Mystery of the Missing Fingerprints
On October 20th, 2016, Hunter flew to Los Angeles and spent a week in a hotel in Marina del Rey, where he stocked-up on crack cocaine. On the morning of October 26th, he arrived at the Hertz rental office at LAX, rented a car, and proceed to to Arizona. Final destination, Grace Grove Retreat Center. Several hours into the trip, while driving under the influence east on Interstate 10, just beyond Palm Springs, he lost control of the car, jumped the median and crashed on the shoulder of the westbound lane. He then called Hertz and got them collect the damaged vehicle and replace it with another, a silver Jeep Compass.

On October 28th, at about 10 PM, Hunter dropped-off the Jeep at the airport Hertz office in Prescott, Arizona. He arrived after hours and there was no one at the rental office. He parked the car at an empty spot, placed the car key in the fuel cap, and took a service bus to the retreat. In the morning he realized that he left a some sensitive items in the Jeep and using the fake name “Joseph McGee”, called-in the rental office to retrieve his valuables. Unbeknown to the MR. McGee (the song “Me And Bobby McGee” is in his iTunes and a playlist), two Hertz employees named Zachary and Emily already processed the car and found his little treasure trove, which included his drug paraphernalia. They also checked him out on the internet using his driver license and found out who he was. Following the company SOP on reporting contraband, Jennifer, the Hertz brench manager, not realizing the siezent storm she was about to unleash (she was laid-off several months later despite a staller 14 years of service with the company), contacted the Prescott PD and told them about the problematic VIP customer.

The PD promptly sent a patrol car and detectives to investigate. The visit resulted in a “narcotics offense” report and the collection of evidence from the crime scene, some of the retrieved items included:

  1. A plastic baggie with crack
  2. An iPhone
  3. A crack pipe with cocaine residue. There seems to be a second missing pipe (1)
  4. A Secret Service business card with Hunter’s name
  5. Number of credit cards with Hunter’s name
  6. 2 DC driver licenses with hunters name
  7. Beau Biden’s official attorney-general badge

Document 1: The Prescott, Arizona PD Hunter Biden report

The Game is Afoot
Leaving these sanative items behind and using an false identity to try and retrieve them suggests that Hunter was still under the influence when he dropped-off the car and that he was aware of the severity of the police finding his stash. According to the police report, the case was classified as a top priority and the FBI immediately dispatched agents to the site and they actively “worked the scene”. The Secret Service was also mobilized and its agents were able to locate Hunter quickly and inform the Prescott police that all was well and that they no longer had to worry about Hunter.

Despite the SS assurance that all was well, there was still that little pesky problem of the police retrieving significant amount of contraband form Hunter’s car and that all of it was linked directly to him via DNA, the rental agreement, and the two driver licenses.

Image 1Shauna Stangl, the President and Owner of Grace Grove Retreat Center who housed Hunter and aided and abetted him in hiding his true identity from the Prescott Police


To complicate matters, the lab tests ordered by the police detectives (before consulting the FBI), came back positive, indicating that the glass pipe contained cocaine residue. At that point it should have been an open-and-shut case. The only thing left to do was to invite Hunter to the station and have him confess. But, Hunter just like his cousin Caroline, summoned the dark arts and behold! In an act of Deus ex machina, the forensic lab failed to find any fingerprints on the pipe, the DA declined to bring criminal charges, and the case against Hunter dissolved.

On 02/15/2016, almost four month later, there were lingering conversations between Hunter and the Prescott PD (with Sargent Small and detective Bernard), who under federal tutelage were finishing the moping operation. For some unknown reasons, it never occurred to anyone in the AZ LEA or the DA to ask Hunter about why he was in possession and was transporting cocaine across state lines? If he was under the influence of drugs while driving? And why he and his guru ‘Puma St. Angel’ obstructed the police investigation? The detectives and FBI agents also never bothered to locate “Joseph McGee” and follow-up with Puma, who politely but firmly told the Prescott police to get lost.

Image 2: Hunter smoking his crack pipe and leaving plenty of finger prints on it


The failure to find fingerprints on the pipe is interesting because Hunter wasn’t even fingerprinted or asked to give a written statement. There was also the issue of his finger prints on the bag of cocaine. This was despite the police successfully tracing the source of the call of the mysterious “Joseph McGee” to Hunter Biden and treating him as the primary POI. The chain of custody of the crime scene evidence shows that the items were mishandled by the FBI team who ‘supervised’ the investigation. It’s also clear from at least one conversation that the crack pipe was wiped clean in order to remove the fingerprints.

This bleaching operation, though, a bit amateurish, shows fiendish raw talent and villainous creativity. The DOJ—which in 2016 unofficially changed their name to the Pretorian guard—has come a long way since the Chappaquiddick incident. Back then, they only fiddled with Edward Kennedy’s (the 1972 democratic presidential hopeful) DMV records to make it “unblemished” (2). Now, they’ve upgraded their repertoire and are offering favorable political candidates a much wider-range of of services like crime scene re-decoration and active interference with local LEA investigations.

This pattern of getting special VIP protection from the DOJ has been the Biden’s saving grace for decades. In several other cases, the Delaware and Philadelphia PDs and DAs also had firsthand knowledge of Biden criminal activity, but made a political decision to ignore them. Just like in the Prescott PD case, we have records of communications between Hunter and various detectives like: Reynolds, Garland, Breit, Jubb, Catov, Miller, Litchendorf, and other state and federal agents on how to make the various issues ‘go away’.

It is telling that even now, that Hunter’s laptop is out, a lot very important people are working overtime with information laundromats like NYT, WaPo, and Politico to spike the story and discredit the evidence against the Bidens.

Image 3: Summoning an Apple polisher to lick the Biden boots. For a good time and favorable propaganda, call Gardiner Harris. Harris is one of several NYT reporters specifically assigned to ‘take care’ of the Biden’s PR needs


All of this is quite an achievement for the DOJ and IC and a feat worthy of an Olympic medal. Especially, if we consider the treatment that the Steele Dossier, LG Flynn, and Carter Page received from people like Brennan, Comey, Strzok, and Clinesmith. Mind you, in those cases unlike the hours of high-res footage and audio of Hunter committing crimes. They had to makeup the crime and the evidence by resorting to 19 century Dreyfus affair style .

Show Me The Crime
Riddle me this, O masters of investigative news and the mobs of Pulitzer prize winners with advanced journalism degrees from Berkeley and Colombia: which content on the laptop is fake? And how exactly is this a Russian disinformation operation? The AI (called the Raven) that fused and analyzed the massive contents of Hunter’s laptop successfully matched and identified the women that were involved in his sex acts, it located his drug dealers and his pimps, it confirmed his exact whereabouts during these sessions using biometric markers such as voice and FR, It confirmed his activity via his use of IM, video, audio, and imagery, it located his ‘non-traceable’ payment methods and his complete CDR. It also tracked his IP addresses and MAC address, and the burner phones he used to evade detection.

All this was done with match rates in excess of 90% accuracy (which is more than LEA and intelligence operations require) and with precision that far exceeds that of typical police forensics in a serious crime. In fact, no one knows the fine details of Hunter’s appearance and anatomy including clothing, jewelry, body geometry, scars, beauty marks, and vein location quite as well as the AI. So please enlighten me: which of the images or documents on his laptop are Russian forgeries? Which of the people are synthetic and don’t’ exist? Which phone call, text, or email are made-up? And how did the Russians force Hunter to deliver his laptop to the repair shop and abandon it there?

If you can’t answer any of these questions yourself because you are more of a gossip columnist and lack any technical skills, why not have your favorite Russian collusion cyber company Clowndstrike and image analysis vendors like Graphika generate the report for you? After all, they did such a bang up job in the DNC email leak and with Facebook when they just recently shut down hundreds of ‘fake’ conservative news outlets.

Et tu, Me Too Movement?
What ever happened to “You are not alone! We see you, we hear you…we’re here too!“ voices?
Is it jus my impression, or did the Me Too movement and other women rights and the progressive voices in the media have suddenly gone silent about the wholesale exploitation of women by the Bidens?

I have looked high and low, but it seems that none of the guardians of virtue have anything to say about the dirty deeds of the smartest guy Joe knows. Au contraire, they are lining up the streets with choruses of admirers extolling Hunter’s novus homo virtues. Municipal sewage treatment plants like Vanity Fair and the NYT stumbling over each other with fawning adoration proclaiming Hunter a ‘fine artist’ and pimping his upcoming gallery debut. In his little NYT propaganda featurette about the freshly laundered Biden, Adam Popescu provides endless descriptions of Hunter’s fine art techniques. This included fruity passages like:

“His process with alcohol ink — it can take 14 layers for the material to adhere — includes blowing it with a metal straw. “You have to be really focused in order to be able to alter it to your own imagination,”

So, there you have it, Hunter spends hours blowing alcohol on paper through a straw (that is, if he doesn’t drink it first). This is the only worthy Biden news that the NYT could come up with. What is ostensibly missing from Popescu’s interview are real questions like: “why did you engage in revenge porn against your sister-in-law?” Ironically, this is the same Popescu who in 2017, wrote a piece titled “Does Watching Porn Lead To Prostitution?”, in it, he sheds many crocodile tears about the sexual exploitation of women and sadly concludes that:

“A 2003 study published by the Journal of Trauma Practice interviewed 854 prostituted women across 9 countries, and found that 47% reported that they were upset by customers trying to make them perform what the customer had seen in porn. In the US, 41% claimed they were forced to perform acts against their will, acts their tormentors viewed in porn, and were attempting to emulate. About half were then forced to have that degradation filmed, echoing Grillo’s experience.”

Image 4: A sampling of Hunter Biden’s sex binges soliciting prostitution and supplying his VERY young female companions with crack and encouraging them to smoke it. At least one of the sex partners was a family member


The media and the intelligentsia now has all of the proof they need to take action. Hunter was furnishing and pressuring women to smoke crack and engage in sex acts that would make Spritzer, Wiener, and Epstein blush. Yet, despite all of this, not a peep from the progressive and righteous multitudes who just recently were falling on their swords during the Cavanaugh and Barrett confirmation hearings.

Won’t any of you shamanic healers and soul guides the likes of Oprah Winfrey speak up? Or are you all busy giving yourself kale cleanses/purges?

References and Sources
XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification

(1) A Second Crack Pipe
In a July 1, 2019, interview with the New Yorker, Zachary Romfo, who worked at the Hertz office in Prescott, told the reporter that “he found a crack pipe in the car and, on one of the consoles”

(2) Edward Kennedy’s Unblemished Driving Record
Edward’s “unblemished” driving history which entitled him to a suspended sentence was based on the manipulation of his DMV records by the DA/LEA. The report delivered to the court in preparation for sentencing showed no prior tickets. Edwards records was far form unblemished. In 1956–1959, while attending the University of Virginia School of Law, he had compiled a record of reckless driving and driving without a license. In one March 14, 1958, incident, Kennedy ran a red light, then cut his tail lights and raced to avoid a highway patrol officer. After he was caught, he was cited for reckless driving, racing to avoid pursuit, and driving without a license.

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