Remarkable Duplicity – Former AG Bill Barr Attacks President Trump For Questioning Same Ballot Fraud Barr Previously Outlined

The duplicity of former AG Bill Barr’s position is stunning. It should be remembered that Bill Barr previously stated that President Trump was targeted by the weaponization of the intelligence apparatus, including the DOJ and FBI, as “spying on the administration.”

Additionally, in September the same AG Barr noted that mail-in ballots was “absolutely opening the floodgates to election fraud.”

However, as soon a President Trump remarks on the same two key issues; and now that he is out of office; the former AG states: “The President’s conduct yesterday was a betrayal of his office and supporters.

WASHINGTON DC – Former Attorney General William Barr accused President Donald Trump on Thursday of a “betrayal of his office” — the latest rebuke of the president by a former high-ranking administration official after pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

“Orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress is inexcusable,” Barr said in a statement obtained by POLITICO. “The President’s conduct yesterday was a betrayal of his office and supporters.” (read more)

A little inside baseball…

After visiting with several former members of federal law enforcement this past summer CTH was warned never to trust the words of any voices inside Main Justice and the FBI.

Specifically CTH was warned never to engage with those two institutions in Washington DC because there was widespread belief the institutions themselves were no longer repairable.

Later, during one specific lengthy conversation with a person close to the issues at hand, who was also a staunch defender of AG Bill Barr, the topic of the political manipulation of the DOJ and FBI became the focus of discussion.

During that conversation the Barr defender was adamant about Barr’s motive being genuine and honorable. However, when CTH posed the paramount question: “if AG Barr is more substantively intended to preserve the institutions of the DOJ and FBI, then how can you be so certain corruption will be addressed?” The silence was deafening.

Against everything that came to pass since February 14, 2019, that is the essential element many have missed about AG Barr taking the role of U.S. Attorney General.

How can any AG expose the known institutional corruption, and yet retain the credibility within the institutions as they are exposed? The two dynamics are mutually exclusive. Either you expose the gross system, or your protect it, there is no third option.

During his tenure AG Bill Barr spoke out of both sides of his mouth. He outlined the abuses of authority within the DOJ/FBI in the targeting of President Trump; and he spoke about the corrupt intent likely behind mail-in ballots in the 2020 election. However, his actions did nothing to address either issue. Actions speak louder than words.

Yes, it is true that any corrupt activity that would be exposed would have initially weakened the DOJ and/or FBI, and easily provided ammunition to any defense attorney in courtroom proceedings against those officers; but the corrupt activity exists regardless of whether it is admitted publicly or not.

President Trump has said nothing about the 2020 election outcome that AG Bill Barr did not himself warn about prior to the election. However, now that President Trump notes the actual results… all of a sudden AG Bill Barr stands in opposition to those same positions and opinions he held only a few months ago. The duplicity is stunning.

As the motives and intentions of the professional DC establishment gain clarity from the sunlight represented by outsider Donald Trump, we are now watching exposure upon an assembly of administration officials who previously hid those motives. There is no putting that genie back in the bottle….

…. Thus the next phase in their aggregate goal; a feeble attempt to retain institutional credibility on behalf of a corrupt system; is to shut down -and marginalize- the voices of those bringing attention to the scale of usurpation. Sam Adams was prescient:

…”A true patriot would keep the attention of his fellow citizens awake to their grievances, and not allow them to rest till the causes of their just complaints are removed.”…

~ Samuel Adams

Consider the duplicity: