US Nuclear Weapons Agency Breached As Part Of Massive Cyberattack


The Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration – which maintains the United States’ nuclear weapons stockpile – was reportedly breached as part of a massive hack which affected at least six federal agencies, according to Politico, citing officials directly familiar with the matter.

On Thursday, DOE and NNSA officials began coordinating notifications about the breach to their congressional oversight bodies. They found suspicious activity in networks belonging to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories in New Mexico and Washington, the Office of Secure Transportation and the Richland Field Office of the DOE. The hackers have been able to do more damage at FERC than at the other agencies, the officials said, but did not elaborate. –Politico

According to the report, federal investigators have been assessing networks in recent days to try and get a handle on exactly what was accessed and/or stolen. DOE officials still don’t know if anything was actually accessed.