Pentagon Blocks Biden Transition Team

The Pentagon has refused to allow members of Joe Biden’s transition team to meet with officials at U.S. intelligence agencies controlled by the Pentagon, citing voting fraud as calling into question Biden’s alleged election.

The officials said the Biden team has not been able to engage with leaders at the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and other military-run spy services with classified budgets and global espionage platforms.

One Biden transition team member claimed a Pentagon official told them “Your boss stole the election and is not legitimate; we won’t let you meet anyone.”

This does not bode well if Boden actually takes office in January. Having the military thinking the Commander-in-Chief is actually “Thief-in-chief” will not work out well for Biden.

Of course, the Pentagon is perfectly within their rights to say and think what they want, and to deny access, because Biden has not been sworn in and thus has no power.

One military officer told the Hal Turner Radio Show “The guy is on the take from China; he’ll sell us out the moment he gets into office. No one in the military trusts him or any of his political flunkies.”