Here comes the Kraken 😂

Feds call ‘nine-month long undetected’ Russian hack that breached US nuclear agencies, Microsoft, ‘most of the Fortune 500’ and State Department a ‘grave threat’ – as Senate Whip demands ‘a response’

  • Top Democrats vowed retaliation after breach of key agencies and companies
  • Microsoft was revealed on Thursday as a target in the sprawling cyberattack
  • Company found ‘no indications’ Microsoft products were used to attack others
  • Suspected Russian hackers also got into nation’s nuclear stockpile networks
  • Energy Department and the National Nuclear Security Administration breached
  • Targets include Los Alamos National Laboratory, which conducts the government’s most sensitive and advanced nuclear research
  • Evidence of the attack was also found in the networks of the Office of Secure Transportation which is responsible for moving nuclear materials
  • Another breach might have probed how to disrupt the national power grid
  • Officials warn the hack is on an unprecedented scale and poses ‘grave’ threat
  • Trojan horse in SolarWinds network software was used in sophisticated attack
  • Sources say another, unnamed, major tech vendor was used as attack vector
  • Russia denies involvement but experts say campaign bears Kremlin hallmarks
  • Scale is astonishing with most Fortune 500 companies likely breached
  • Biden promises to punish the hackers as soon as he enters office

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