Trump Says He Hired John Bolton Because He Is A ‘Crazy’ Warmonger

“He wanted to go to war with everybody. He never saw a war he didn’t like.”


In a decision he surely now regrets, President Trump has said that the only reason he ever hired John Bolton to be a National Security adviser its that the man is a totally crazy warmonger.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump said “The only thing I liked about Bolton was that everybody thought he was crazy. And frankly, when you walk into the room with him, you’re in a good negotiating position. Because they figure you’re going to war if John Bolton was there.”

“He wanted to go to war with everybody. He never saw a war he didn’t like.” Trump added.

On having to essentially fire Bolton, Trump said “I view him as a disgruntled employee. Very unhappy. Hated to leave.”

“He had a lot of policy disputes, he and I.” the President added.

Trump also said that one of the last straws was that Bolton continued to praise the invasion of Iraq.

“That’s when I lost him,” Trump said, adding “But no, I disagreed with much of the stuff he said. He was one of many people. I liked listening to many people, and then doing whatever is the right thing to do.”

Trump has attempted to prevent Bolton from publishing his book, titled “The Room Where It Happened”, which reportedly claims that the President asked China for help getting re-elected, and that Trump thought invading Venezuela would be “cool”.

White House trade advisor Peter Navarro has described Bolton’s book as “deep swamp revenge porn.”