GEORGE FLOYD PSYOP: A Carefully Planned and Staged Public Execution to Trigger a Race War

by State of the Nation

The George Floyd Psyop is part of a much larger plot
being carried out by all the usual suspects to the overthrow
the American Republic. Whether he’s dead or alive, the
ruthless ‘killing’ of George Floyd was a deliberately choreo-
graphed and carefully filmed assassination of a powerless
black man by a group of white police officers. This psyop
had all the elements of a real hate crime designed to inflame
racial tensions across the USA as it has done. Like every
global psyop of this scope and magnitude, the perps craftily
blended reality with hoax so as to confound the investigators.

— Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer

State of the Nation

People, it doesn’t even matter anymore if an event is a totally real happening or perfectly staged hoax.

Once the CIA’s Mockingbird Media reports in unison a fabricated narrative about any event whatsoever, that narrative becomes the official history. And everyone knows that “history is written by the victors”[1].

Just go to the CIA’s encyclopedia for the masses — Wikipedia — to read all the patently false and fictitious history that the victors — those who secretly rule US today — write by the volumes every single hour of the day.

What’s the point?!

There’s no reason to waste precious time researching and investigating so many false flags and faked events, hoaxes and frauds, scams and shams anymore.

If any story makes the “front page of the Internet” these days, you know it fishy. Very fishy indeed.

For example, the well concealed George Floyd story started exposing itself the day it supposedly occurred. Here’s what one armchair investigator had to say about it:

George Floyd’s murder was either a pre-planned public execution
or totally staged hoax!

Then there is the so-called “Pandemic of the Millennium” and “Panic of the Century” both triggered by the dreaded COVID-19.

Again, it ought to be obvious to every truth seeker that:

State-Sponsored Global 9/11 via a
Series of False-Flag Bioterrorist Attacks
and Multiple Manmade Mass Casualty Events,
Planned as a Fake Pandemic and Staged Panic to
Greatly Advance the New World Order Conspiracy
to Establish a Totalitarian One World Government

(Source: How the “Conspiracy Theory” meme is being used to cover up OPERATION COVID-19 and advance COVID-1984)

Military black ops, CIA ops, Gladio ops and Psyops

The bottom line here is that virtually any kind of black operation run by The Powers That Be will be predicated on a meticulously planned and highly provocative staged event.

Perhaps the best known black operation in U.S. history was the state-sponsored 9/11 false-flag terrorist attacks. Let’s face it: if the New World Order globalist cabal can get away with that transparent inside job and blame it on Osama bin Laden, what can’t they get away with.

Killing of George Floyd

Which brings us back to the carefully planned and very public execution of George Floyd.

There’s no question that every race war needs a trigger event. And, that every bitterly fought civil war needs a raging race war to get things going fast and furiously. (Remember the Civil War 1.0!)

Well, the globalists actually used the whole month of May to gin up racial tensions all over America. The following excerpt from a previous SOTN exposé breaks it all down.

These are the most inflammatory RACE WAR stories that have appeared [SEEMINGLY] out of nowhere over the past month of May.

• Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery hunted and killed by 3 White Men in Brunswick, Georgia [See MSM article here]

• 26-year-old Black Woman EMT Sprayed with bullets in the middle of the night by White Police Officers in Louisville, Kentucky [See MSM article here]

• White Woman Amy Cooper falsely reports Black Man as threatening for merely informing her about dog regulations in Central Park, NYC [See MSM article here]

• Black Man George Floyd murdered in cold blood by a White Police Officer while 3 other white officers looked on in Minneapolis, Minnesota [See MSM article here]

• Black reporter arrested live on air by two White Police Officers at race protests in Minneapolis [See MSM article here]

(Source: STAGED RACE WAR! Globalists Inflaming Racial Tensions After Heinous COVID-19 Crimes Exposed)

Clearly, the dramatic and savage murder of Floyd was painstakingly choreographed in order to inflame the racial tensions to the greatest degree possible, which it has done.

So, it’s no longer a matter of whether George is still alive or dead; as long as the masses firmly believe the MSM narrative then they can be quite easily manipulated into tearing up every major city in America. And so they are!

Civil War 2.0

It’s crucial for the Patriot Movement not to lose sight of the much larger plot at work here.

Every major revolution of the past 300 years has seen the same perpetrators use the MO of sowing seeds of chaos and conflict throughout the targeted nations or society.

As a matter of historical fact, the following statement can be made about the parallels that become evident with even a cursory retrospective assessment and the intensifying state of affairs today.

2020 Coronavirus Pandemic & Staged Race War
Parallel the Same Warmongering Scheme as the
1918 Spanish Flu Genocide & 1917 Bolshevik Revolution

(Source: OPERATION RACE WAR: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Collapse the American Republic via CIVIL WAR 2.0)

There is no question that the NWO globalist cabal intends to collapse the American Republic in order to remove the last major impediment to the formation of a One World Government.

The globalists know that an armed U.S. citizenry who still enjoys the freedom of speech cannot co-exist with a tyrannical technocracy and totalitarian government.

Hence, the globalists have enlisted every cultural marxist, bolshevik, anarchist, communist, terrorist, mercenary, socialist, liberal, progressive and other left-wing radicals to riot in every Democrat-controlled city across the USA.

They even installed a cultural marxist mayor in Minneapolis in advance of these planned nationwide riots as a means of destroying the city in advance of terminating the police department.

Crazy: Minneapolis City Council May Eliminate Police Dept.
for ‘Transformative New Model’

This particular pre-planned initiative is being purposefully carried out to set a precedent for all the other sanctuary cities to follow. Soon, every sanctuary state will be encouraging the cities governments to shut down their police departments thereby making it much easier for the most lawless and criminal elements to dominate the urban landscapes like they do in Chicago and Detroit.

Remember, “manufactured chaos and conflict” is the name of game in every highly organized communist insurrection. In this way, a conducive environment is created for civil war and the overthrow of the existing administration.


This rapidly deteriorating situation is going to go from bad to worse unless the Trump administration takes decisive action.

Because there is a much larger agenda being implemented in the background, this highly combustible predicament requires that the American people take a stand as never before.

What exactly is that overarching agenda that drove THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, as well as the ongoing riots, unprecedented looting and violent protests triggered by the “GEORGE FLOYD Psyop”? As follows:

  NWO Globalists Swiftly Implementing this Secret Plan for Total World Domination

People, be forewarned so that all the necessary pre-emptive measures can be taken with all deliberate speed. Every patriot is now compelled to step up to the plate wherever, whenever and however they can.

Because the globalists are so backed into a corner with absolutely no way out, everyone is hereby put on notice that:

State of the Nation
June 6, 2020


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