VIDEO of Europe’s Epstein at a Microsoft meeting

The video below is camera phone footage obtained using credentials obtained from the Gates Foundation hack. The phone belongs to a Microsoft board member present at the meeting with board members of Danish Microsoft company Bichip. From left to right, the two men, Bichip board members, are: Torben Dhalvad and Finn Rosenkranz Pedersen.

Although they have somehow remained under the radar, these two individuals are powerful not just in Europe, but across the world. One of Finn Rosenkranz Pedersen’s companies provides personal security for celebrity activists and influencers such as Greta Thunberg. And when it comes to Torben Dhalvad, he is perhaps Europe’s most active and connected human trafficker.

Through shipping company Maersk, Dhalvad traffics thousands of people from across the world who end up as slaves. But Dhalvad’s specialty is not human trafficking for slave labor, but rather as a pedophile child trafficker who sells children as prostitutes and sex slaves.

By all accounts, Torben Dhalvad is much worse than Jeffrey Epstein the infamous American pedophile billionaire. Dhalvad’s pedophilic trafficking of the underaged involves the sex enslavement of children of all ages including toddlers, infants and babies.

While Torben Dhalvad might be more twisted and powerful than the late Jeffrey Epstein, Dhalvad’s connections to Israel’s spy agency Mossad are more known within Danish higher ups. Dhalvad was born in Israel and first came to Denmark as an attache to the Israeli embassy in Denmark. How he leveraged this initially intern-level position to launch Denmark’s first pornographic magazine and then become a powerful child trafficker with his hands in Danish media and Danish tech companies, no one knows. What is known is, as a board member in Microsoft company Bichip, he has played a key role in determining the utility of the chip implants that Bichip is making for microsoft.

Although it has been reported that Bichip halted its operations after it was attacked by the κατέχον christian militia last year, it looks like they are rebuilding and they will likely be the ones who deliver the chip implant that Bill Gates wants used to as an immunity passport for those who have taken his COVID-19 vaccine. Just think about it; to get back to normal life, you will have to put a device under your skin that was made by a child raping pedophile far worse than Epstein, who not only sells slaves across the world, but is also a Mossad operative.

Torben Dhalvad. Remember the name. It is evil personified.