Marco – Locked Down and Lov’in It!

SOS – Save Our Souls! The real scamdemic battlefront is between Christ and his crucifiers.
“To defeat them we have to do the opposite of their tactics — promote beauty and love.
We have to promote things that truly mean a lot to us and shine our light while we can.
And if we set an intention to do this, I know that God will help us.”
98% of our DNA is the same as Chimpanzees.
The remaining 2% that comes from God makes us human. It enables us to discern good and evil. The real war: mind (controlled by them) versus spirit.
We are under occult attack. The real purpose of the scamdemic is to make us less human. We must take the war to its true spiritual battlefront and be more human, true to the voice of God within. God speaks to the heart, the devil (the msm) controls the mind.
Marco describes how this battle between mind (the world) and spirit (“heart”) is unfolding in his life.
When I asked readers how the lockdown affected their lives, he replied:
by Marco
It’s not really, to be perfectly honest. At least not in a negative way.
I’m still living as best that I can. I am blessed in that I don’t live in a city so I am largely insulated against the bullshit and the feeling of confinement.
I still go to the park. Last week I jumped into the river with a friend and hung out at the beach of a local park. It was probably against the law and I got some weird stares but I enjoy living when everyone is not; it’s a feeling like I’m privileged to not be afraid.
Life goes on for me. I’m still working (albeit sporadically), but other than that nothing much is different.
I am at the point where I would like things to remain locked down. Why? Well, it’s selfish but I find life is quieter as if a lot of the stress caused by the matrix has ended and I like it that way.
Life was never too grand for me before the lockdown so I hope things don’t “go back to normal.” I’m searching for something better now. If we do remove the lockdown, I hope the world is will be vastly different in such a way so as to wake people up and promote change.
I’m optimistic also that I can use this as an opportunity to “let my light shine” in a way and to be more my authentic self, and show others a different path. Because I figure their world has been shaken up so. I’d like to show them another perspective — that life is supposed to be a lot more special and loving than this existence we have been stuck in.
I replied that I had had no other response to this request, which I thought was weird.
Heh, probably because everyone is depressed and angry at home. I feel like the alternative media is doing a great job at exposing everything but not offering any solutions and it’s leaving people angry and helpless.
I liked the article the other day about overthinking and the mind. I feel like the vast majority of us are perpetually trapped in our minds and we are totally losing the battle within.
I’ve come to realization that this is the main fight in my life. I can go protest, rant and grumble, but at the end of the day I have a bigger fight inside myself and it’s more brutal than any fight against the Illuminati — they can’t do anything to me if I don’t allow them to; their demoralization wont work unless I consent to it and allow it to take hold in my mind.
I’m taking this time during quarantine to finally quiet down the mad war that has been going on inside me for years. I am trying to genuinely love myself and be at peace even though it seems like the world around me is burning. I am convinced no one has hated or has been harder on me more than myself.
I’m spending this time learning to live and think with my heart rather than my mind which is always in the midst of a storm. The deeper I go within, the more I find love, peace and the sense that everything will be alright. The more I live in my mind, the more I feel inadequate, powerless, frustrated and fearful that all is lost.
When I go into my heart, I feel like who I was truly meant to be. And it has nothing to do with a one dimensional identity. I’m not an athlete, a construction worker, a nobody, or whatever. Rather, I’m an expression of love and I’m here to fulfill a very special purpose beyond what can be revealed to the mind. God speaks to the heart, the devil speaks to the mind.
The kingdom of God is literally within and I am convinced that the main evil behind this covid-19 assault on humanity is its intention to keep humanity trapped in the realm of the mind as they have for a long long time. It is in the mind where they can inject numerous insecurities, fears and anxieties, instead of allowing us to live from the heart as we were meant to.
I truly feel that once we go within, we can find the peace that they have no power over us — we are stronger than them because we have the potential to transcend this matrix of fear and unite with God in love. Why can’t we have faith that God is on our side if we trust in Him and that miracles are possible?
It’s totally counterintuitive to everything they do, they rule with an iron fist and fear. To defeat them we have to do the opposite of their tactics — promote beauty and love. We have to promote things that truly mean a lot to us and shine our light while we can. And if we set an intention to do this, I know that God will help us.
Anyhow, that’s how I feel about that.