Is Pelosi really a GOP plant set on destroying the Democrat Party—FOREVER?

Or, is the Speaker running a covert operation to destroy America?!

State of the Nation

Just when you thought things could not possibly get any worse, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi literally tears up a copy of Trump’s SOTU speech at the closing of his delivery DURING PRIME TIME ! ! !


Pelosi quite deliberately chose the perfect time to act out such a juvenile, embarrassing and despicable stunt irrespective of what the whole world would think.

What upstanding citizen would ever want to have anything to do with the depraved Democrat Donkey Party? Really, who would be that stupid to vote for a bunch of Bolsheviks, Communists, Socialists, Ultra-Liberals, Super-Progressives and Extreme Leftists?

These Democrats and Liberals have gone totally nuts! Bonkers! Batshit crazy! However, it’s all being done with highly purposeful design. The Democrat drama is being staged with great purpose.

KEY POINT: It’s entirely true that there is a seditious criminal conspiracy at work here. Foreign agent and traitor to the American Republic Nancy Pelosi is prominently configured in that subversive plot. The skeleton of this scheme to collapse the United States of America is fleshed out here: PELOSIgate: The Radioactive Scandal That Will Rock America.

That SOTN feels so compelled to write such a screed offers vivid testimony to the unparalleled crash and burn of a major political party.

All of which begs the question: Is Nancy Pelosi a Republican plant — Trojan horse, if you will — secretly planted in the speakership to completely destroy the Democrat Party?

Or, is Pelosi up to something much more sinister and treasonous? As follows:

COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility


Speaker Pelosi’s unprecedented act of public disrespect and offensive behavior was NOT carried out without a tremendous amount of calculation.

When it’s been stated in numerous exposés that Pelosi is truly a foreign agent, it’s never been so critical for the Republic that the American people understand exactly who she’s working for. See: CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY