Most Actors are Globalists. Why?

Henry Makow

(“Fuck Trump” says Robert De Niro)

Whether it’s Robert De Niro wishing Donald Trump ill or Hugh Grant condemning Brexit, most actors are globalists. Why? It’s not just because Illuminati bankers control Hollywood. Actors are active collaborators in creating the false reality the Illuminati want us to inhabit.
Actors are not bystanders in this process of unravelling the social fabric. They are active collaborators. They are Illuminati.
by Henry Makow PhD
It is no accident that Cabalists who believe that they define reality also manufacture mass illusion through the movies and Tv.
Cabalists don’t believe in objective reality or objective truth.
God is the Ultimate Reality (objective Truth.) Cabalists are Satanists. They believe in subjective truthTheir truth. Truth is whatever they say it is. They think they are God.


People who think perception is reality largely control what we perceive.
They redefine reality to suit their material interests and perversion. They are turning reality upside down, usurping God’s place at the apex.
In their view, sick is healthy and healthy is sick.
Natural is unnatural and unnatural is natural.
This is the real meaning of “revolution.”
They are unravelling the social fabric: race, religion (God), nation and family (gender.)
We see it in their promotion of migration, miscegenation, anonymous sex and their demonic attack on gender and the nuclear family which has ruined millions of lives.
Actors are not bystanders in this process. They are active collaborators.

They are paid exorbitant sums because they’re able to create the illusion of reality. Many are incredibly talented. Most of the time, the viewer forgets he is watching a program and thinks he is witnessing real life.

The “real life” of course is slanted according to the Cabalist agenda. Thus we get our ideas about life from people who are turning it upside down. The result is dysfunction on a personal and societal scale.
They convince us that money, sex and power are the proper goals of life. By making us identify with “success” in these terms, they ensure we don’t identify with God, our real path to freedom, growth and happiness. Movies are an education in dysfunction. I can’t watch them because I am not obsessed with sex, power or money and all the things the movies think we should covet.
Have you ever seen a movie about love of God? I have seen one, Brother Sun, Sister Moon.
God is a no-show in the mass media. So are Communism and Freemasonry, except as hidden agenda.
People imitate what they see. I watched movies for insight into life. Needless to say, I was pretty dysfunctional and depressed.
Real life is not like the movies. In real life, people are not nearly as beautiful, interesting or articulate as the actors we see.
“In pre-movie days, the business of peddling lies about life was spotty and unorganized,” Ben Hecht, a famous screenwriter said. When I first read this, I was baffled. What lies?
Experience helped me understand what he is saying. Take romantic love and sex for example. Movies have us believe that beautiful women are fascinating creatures rather than, usually, neurotic entitled bores with a fast approaching “best before” date.
They’d have us believe that sexual intercourse is the highest experience life has to offer. They’d have us believe that “love” is some kind of mystical bond, rather than mainly lust.


(In Serendipity, Kate Beckinsale is portrayed as an heavenly apparition, John Cusack’s salvation.)
The truth about “love” is rather dreary. “Love” is fickle. Love is based on mutual dependence and trust. Two people agree to look after each other. The bond of need is stronger than love. Ho-hum.
But if we knew the truth, we would not waste our lives chasing a chimera, would we? Reality doesn’t sell. Fantasy does.
The mass media is controlled by people who are trying to hide the truth. That’s why we never see sympathetic movies about patriots like Louis McFadden, Henry Ford or Charles Lindbergh. That’s why movies that reflect real life, like The Business of Strangers, get limited distribution. Movies used to be based on literature. Now they’re based on comic books, reflecting the Illuminati’s desire that we remain children.


Increasingly today, movies promote the latest Cabalist shibboleths: miscegenation, migration, feminism and gender dysphoria.
Political correctness (Communism) has killed journalism, art and culture. Western society is like Samson, blinded and led to destruction by a demon Delilah.
We live in a false reality of their creation. Actors are an intrinsic part of this deception.
Communists/Cabalists create a bogus world and most people are none the wiser.