Medvedev’s government resigned following Simonyan’s allegations

by Scott Humor

In the middle of the shock and awe of President Putin’s Federal Assembly Address and the government’s resignation immediately after, the biggest collateral damage was sustained by a small, busy, self-appointed and self-aggrandizing community of so-called “Kremlin insiders” posting on various Telegram Messenger channels. 15 thburned them all out, many channels were turned into zombies, while some were trying to act as if nothing had happened, but it was too late. Their demise was caused by what made them to spring to life in the first place, their claims to be the “KREMLIN INSIDERS.”

Oh, sweet mercy! This anonymous mob, sharing their subscribers, holding each other’s hands, and re-posting each other’s insipid messages, congratulating each other on numbers of fooled followers, real or paid. 90% of those Telegram Messenger channels, claiming that their profanity laced and illiterate posts served directly from the Kremlin’s political kitchen, were anonymous, the remaining ten percent ran by people working for the media companies. They too claimed to be welcomed in the corridors of power. One of them was Margarita Simonyan, an Editor-in-Chief of the RT news network, and the first Vice-President of Russia’s National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters (NAT).

15 th, Telegram Messenger channels with claims to be Kremlin insiders were revealed as phony. For any impartial observers it immediately became clear that not one of them was anywhere close to the decision-making authorities in the Russian government. Not one of them reported any inside on what were about to happen on January 15thon Putin’s speech, that many said would be as “uneventful and boring” as past years. Not one of them had any forewarning about upcoming government resignation with Medvedev.  

The biggest insider per her own self-confession was Margarita Simonyan. She has been the queen-bee of all the Telegram Messenger channels, with them acting as her worker-bees carrying drops of alleged Kremlin leaks to their fooled readers. How was it even possible that Simonyan knew nothing? An even more important question, what should we do about a mission she started on January 11th, four days before the government resignation?

On January 11th, after the government of Iran, following a short investigation, concluded that it was their armed forces that shoot down the UIA Kolomoiski owned passenger aircraft, Simonyan posted on Twitter and in her Telegram Messenger channel congratulating Iranians on admitting the error and called them ‘mujiki’ meaning ‘men’ or ‘male peasants’ in Russian.

Translation follows.

simonyan tweet1

simonyan tweet2

If Simonyan stopped there, everything would be peachy, but to stop wasn’t in her cards. Her intent was to cast blame on an innocent nation north of Iran that provides Simonyan with food, shelter, a captured audience of good kind people, and an access to 11.2 billion rubles in funding.

Simonyan went on rambling that Iranians acted like real male peasants by admitting shooting down the Ukrainian plane, unlike this “other country” Russia that refuses to accept blame for the crash of MH17 in Ukraine in 2014. 

Immediately after Simonyan posted her unfounded accusations, she started receiving support propaganda from the Western media, spreading her words far and high with mind boggling speed. The only explanation I have for an unnatural speed with which articles in support of Simonyan’s accusations were coming is that they were prepared in advance, and that this entire charade was a premeditated and coordinated operation in which Simonyan played a part.

On January 13, 2020, came an article of Leonid Bershidsky for the Bloomberg News Agency titled Iran Admits to Plane Shootdown. Putin Still Won’t. Countries that down airliners usually take responsibility. Not Russia. The article lists historical cases of passengers aircraft shot down by military of different country, with a notable exception of Ukraine shooting down Russian passenger airliner in 2004 over the Black Sea in which a hundred people died and which Ukraine still refuses to admit and apologize, and suggests with no evidence that Russia was involved in the MH17 crash in post-putsch Ukraine and that Russian government must accept guilt for it.

The Bloomberg article begins with a quotation from Simonyan’s tweets:

Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Russia’s overseas propaganda channel, RT, had a telling reaction to Iran’s admission that its Revolutionary Guards Corps had accidentally shot down a Ukrainian civilian airliner last week.

“There are two schools of thought

[Simonyan wrote ‘two religions,’ a very important detail. Simonyan tries to pin the Orthodox Christianity and Islam against each other with the Orthodox Christianity being a ‘dishonest,’ in Simonyan’s eyes, and Islam being honest. Simonyan’s ethnic religion is Armenian Judaizing heresy. S.H.]

on how a big country that demands respect should behave if it messes up catastrophically,” Simonyan wrote in a Twitter . She went on:

“Some think the country must deny, deny, deny, never admit anything and never apologize for anything. Otherwise it’ll just get strangled and ‘it’ll only get worse.’ And simply because go to hellMost decision-makers in most powerful countries I knowincluding our ownbelong to this school of thought [She wrote ‘To this religion.’ S.H.]. The other school of thought [The other religion. S.H.] holds up Iran as an example. Purely as a human, I’m with the latter school. In my book, Iran manned up. [She wrote: Iran acted like male peasants or mujiki. S.H.]

Will things only get worse for it because of that, we’ll see. When people wake up on the other side of the ocean.”

 Next sentence Bershidsky reveal the gist of the operation: He writes, “Simonyan’s tweets reveal an internal debate within the Russian establishment on the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014.

Simonyan reposted the Bloomberg’s article in Russian with the following comments: “It doesn’t matter what the Bloomberg says, as long as they base their analysis on my tweets.”

simonyan iran mujik mh17

This is outrageous. Essentially, she says that it doesn’t matter what lies the West claims about Russia, as long as they all coordinate their lies.

Another article from the UK Independent: “Russian commentators have made obvious comparisons between the Iranian and Russian responses to their respective disasters, but the most interesting comments came from Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of Kremlin-funded TV news network RT. She suggested that Iran’s actions showed them to be “real men … unlike other countries … including [Russia].”

The Independent took this provocation further by bringing Simonyan’s claim up during the press conference in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Sergei Lavrov on January 17th, and asking his to comment on Simonyan’s posts. “I have a question about the Ukrainian Boeing. It was widely discussed last week. The Iranian and Russian approaches were compared in connection with the MH17 flight, and not in a completely favorable way. Do you agree with Margarita Simonyan that in this case Iran acted “like a real man” unlike other countries, including Russia?”

Lavrov gave an extended answer, and listed what’s missing from the Netherlands-created JIT investigation: the Ukrainian air traffic controllers recordings, the investigators reports that should regularly filed to the UNSC, the primary radar data from Ukraine, and the data from the US satellites. 

Lavrov also reminded to the Independent’s journalist that “all the radars in Ukraine that were observing this part of the airspace were “turned off” at some point, the same way the video surveillance was turned off in the morning when the Skripals were found on a park bench. It’s just that a camera that was watching their house was turned off and then turned on.”

Iran now report that the Ukrainian UIA plane transponder was mysteriously turned off minutes before the crash. The independent analysts remand us that ‘false flag’ is synonymous with U.S. foreign policy. “Shamefully, Iran’s admission of guilt in the PS752 downing is already being used by establishment propagandists to discredit skeptics and conflated with similar contested past events like MH17in order to intimidate dissenting voices from speaking up in the future.” 

For years, Simonyan has been claiming to be a Kremlin Insider and expressing opinions of some mysterious power group inside the Russian government. Should we understand her statement in question that if those group of people stayed in power after January 15th, they would be already making a statement claiming the responsibility for the false flag attack? That is exactly what Gorbachev and Yeltsin had done. Shouldn’t the Investigative Committee open an investigation of Simonyan’s claims?  

The cascade of events that followed makes me, personally, suspect that Simonyan is a part of a psyop to smear Iran and Russia together as ‘terror nations.” This operation has been emerging since December 2019. In addition, after the US’ illegal assassination of a member of Iranian government, and after an adequate military answer by Iranrevealed that Pentagon cannot fight a modern war, a pressing need was to overwrite in people’s memory and news cycle everything about those events.  

Multiple evidences point that people involved in the MH17 false flag attack, have been also involved in shooting down the UIA plane. In the wake of Iranians admission of a mistake due to the US electronic warfare, Simonyan posted her outrages claim, and her statement was picked up, translated, and replicated by leading Western media channels. This fact alone points at organized nature of these events. The initial Donbass ‘uprising’ lead by Girkin, the MH17 crash, the Skripals scandal, the alleged interference in the 2016 elections, the failed alleged Montenegro coup, the alleged murder of a Chechen terrorist from Georgia in Germany, the meddling in Brexit, and many more accusation leveled on Russians upon a closer look turned out to be premeditated deceptions.

Let’s assume that either the Prime Minister Medvedev, or someone in his government, was a part of this plot. Did they plan to take a microphone after Putin’s speech to the Federal Assembly and to make a false confession to start a constitutional and governmental crisis? It’s possible. Just look at their faces in the picture taken inside the room they discuss their resignation! This scheme would explain a sudden resignation of the government, and the way Medvedev and others were whisked away from the Manezh exhibition hall so they wouldn’t come close to a stage and wouldn’t be able to make any inflammatory statements.  

Either this sudden government resignation was due to a failed plot, or the timing for Simonyan’s provocation had been spectacularly wrong.  

Provocations like Simonyan’s are costly for us normal people, especially considering that we are in the middle of the US-NATO war of aggression against us. It’s we who lose money due to the illegal restrictions on our trade and our political freedoms like using Russian language and traveling. There are unlimited number of provocation that the West capable of implementing from crashing passenger planes, killing their own spies, faking hacking of emails, claiming election interference and many others. I won’t be giving them any new ideas here. Simonyan hurt every one of us because she is aiming to degrade the prestige of our country, our national security, and our common integrity as a nation. 

While calling herself a journalist, contrary to the fact that she never published any journalistic materials, Simonyan rejects the value of real hard technical facts that were presented by the Ministry of Defense, by the Almaz-Antei, and by the Russian diplomats. She rejects the MID, the MOD and the weapon manufacturer reasoning and research, including those concerning parts of an alleged missile unwittingly produced by the MH17 investigators with the serial number indicating that it was a Soviet made missile stored on the territory of Ukraine for the past thirty years. Instead, Simonyan follows the talking points developed by the CIA. 

Since Margarita Simonyan, without any explanation on her part, rejects every evidence presented by the Russian military and the maker of the missile in question, she, as a head of the state media company, should at least acknowledge different independent researchers from all over the world confirming fabrications of evidence in the case of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 and chemical warfare in Syria.     

The UN Security Council met in New York on January 21st to discuss the investigation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) into an alleged chemical attack that was said to have taken place in April 2018 in Douma, Syria. Ian Henderson, member of OPCW team on Douma, spoke and re-stated his belief that no chemical attack occurred & called the final OPCW report a “complete turnaround in the situation from what was understood by the majority of the team and the entire Douma team.”

She should also know and acknowledge that multiple independent researchers say in the case of 2016 ‘Election Interference’ “a close examination of the report shows that none of those headline assertions are supported by the report’s evidence or other publicly available sources.

Simonyan interview with Anatoly Chepiga (Ruslan Boshirov) and Alexander Mishkin (Alexander Petrov), two clowns who, in my view, were decoys for the MI6, was done in such subjective manner as to point at their being liars and bad actors. “They were sweating profusely,” she said afterwards. To me they all looked like crisis actors playing along with the MI6 plot.

The RT have plenty of state funding to initiate their own journalist investigations into the MH17 crash, allowing contribution of the independent researcher. Instead, Simonyan has fully and unquestionably sided with the authors of this false flag attack against Russian Army, intelligence, and the community of independent journalists and researchers from all over the world who successfully refuted every single detail in the statements of our accusers. See, for example, a documentary by Max van der Werff and Yana Yerlashova, and Eric Zuesse’s article MH17 Turnabout: Ukraine’s Guilt Now Proven.

Simonyan had an opportunity to avail herself of all available resources. Instead, she uncritically sided with our accusers. If she really believes in what she says, if she possesses any proof to her statements, she must make her evidence public or immediately resign. The RT receive 11.2 billion rubles from the government she accuses in war crime. This creates a terrible conflict of interest and outright corruption. It appears that she is blackmailing the government. She should resign and express her views from outside of state company’s framework. She should have resigned already post 2014, if she felt so strongly about this government’s alleged violation. But she hasn’t done that.

Why would we allow a person who hates us and hates our values, including our state, our military and our religion, to run one of the biggest news companies in the country? Are we insane? Are we masochists? The answer that comes to mind is that we, people who created this great country, have NO control over those in change of our Media. That’s why we have a situation when a person perpetuating a lie, invented and propagated by organizations financed by the Pentagon and the US State department, and the US Treasury, by the NATO organization and other state and private sources committed to information warfare against Russia, while being a head of one of the biggest media company in the county.

As of today, Simonyan has not provided any explanation of her position and just insist on it, writing in her Telegram channel bizarre cryptic messages like this one when she quotess journalist question to Lavrov, but NOT Lavrov’s answer: and concludes: “Muzhik: Remember this word.”

simonyan iran mujik

Mujiki, as I explained, means “male peasants,’ or a colloquialism for ‘men.” The notion of someone “acting like a real man” is antiquated, at best. Application of this formula to a government of a great country that operates through systems of laws, checks and balances sounds primitive.

Who are the biggest enemies of the Russians? I don’t mean Russia as county, but Russians as people, including millions of us living now abroad. Our biggest enemies are those former us who are now fighting against us under other nations’ flags And this includes the false flags.

To gain a control over the country’s media, we have to make the heads of the media companies, regardless of their forms of ownership, electable in the country-wide elections.

Please, take one minute of your time and email or mail this article to the office of a new Prime Minister, and to a new Minister of Information, to the Ministry of Defense, and to the SK Investigative Committee and demand from them an evaluation of Simonyan’s actions. For our national security and wellbeing of our people, we cannot allow the largest media company to be run by a person so misinformed, so misguided, so controversial, so unprofessional, so deceptive, so full of bile and venom towards our state institutions, our military, our Church and people in general.