Davos Forum: Stuck On Stupid Over “Climate Action Failure”



This year’s World Economic Forum Davos convention of global elitists drew 2,782 registered participants representing 117 countries and 121 nationalities. In a micro-sense, it resembles a United Nations meeting but only for plutocrats: rich, famous and powerful.

For all of the economic problems facing the world, the Davos leadership saw fit to have 17 year-old Greta Thunberg come and give them a tongue lashing for not living up to her expectations of climate change hysteria.

She duly scolded them on every front, but mostly for listening to her while subsequently doing nothing about her demands.

Why would the WEF allow an autistically-challenged teenager with no experience in business, economics or climate science to address them in the first place? The answer to this is not at all clear, but on the surface of it, it seems that this young know-nothing girl has been elevated to some kind of sainthood where she can go anywhere and say anything and people hang on every word that proceeds out of her mouth.

But Saint Greta has been assigned a dark side to punish deniers, outliers and stubborn plutocrats. When you are guilty and you know it, a few scourings by Saint Greta will buy you enough indulgences to keep on flying in your private jets and investing in fossil fuels. Some egregious cheaters may need a few more stripes than others.

The WEF produces an annual risk assessment that serves as a guide for discussion at the Davos meetings. The 2019 conclusion was “Over a ten-year horizon, extreme weather and climate-change policy failures are seen as the gravest threats.

Of course, the 2019 report addressed a number of other potential shocks, like “quantum computing, weather manipulation, monetary populism [and] emotionally responsive artificial intelligence”. It even had a chapter that “calls for greater action around rising levels of psychological strain across the world.”

If they truly believe that psychological strain is a global problem, they should start with a little self-analysis and stop straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel.

Every nation needs leaders who can bring real solutions to real problems to real people. The World Economic Forum fails on all counts. Global Warming is not the problem and Sustainable Development is not the solution, but they continue to double-down on them every time they meet.

You could certainly describe this mass delusion in various ways, but “stuck on stupid” is as good as any.