Trump Abruptly Exits NATO Gathering After Embarrassing Video Emerges

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Having long fallen hook, line & sinker for the Fake News’ & Fake Academia’s romanticized mythology of Utopian Canada & Utopian Europe where everything is “free” and everyone is prosperous and happy; American libtards, in trashing their own country, will always point to those “progressive” governments which comprise the majority of “the developed world”  in order to support their idiotically fallacious arguments. A few examples:

“The United States is the only country in “the developed world” which does not provide free healthcare for its citizens.”


“The United States is the only country in “the developed world” which does not have strict gun control laws.”


“The United States is the only country in “the developed world” that does not provide paid maternity leave for working women.”

And so on and so on and so on. For the proper logical response to these sorts of juvenile whines, let us recall the wise words of my dearly departed mother (hospital-murdered 4 years ago today) — and surely, a whole bunch of other old school moms — whenever she heard one of her children invoking the “but-all-the-other-kids-are-doing-it” plea — “If everyone else is jumping off the George Washington Bridge, are you going to jump too?”

Tell it, Mamma King. Tell it!

1. Nanny State Europa is dominated by females, homosexuals and de-balled men in the background.

2. The staggering tax-debt-regulatory-inflation cost of all the “free” stuff provided by the European Welfare State is what causes people to have to rely on the Welfare State in the first place! 

3. In the blind eyes of American libtards, Euro-Scum like Maricon, Tusk and Merkel are admired as brilliant and noble statesmen who can do no wrong.

So, in light of all this EU-worship, when a small gaggle of Globalist greaseballs, in particular, Emmanuel Maricon (not a typo, Spanish for faggot) of France and the ridiculous Justine Trudeau of Canada, were “accidentally” (yeah, right) video-recorded on a “hot mic” as they childishly mocked Donald Trump behind his back at the recent NATO Summit in London, you absolutely knew that all of Libtardia was going to pounce on it. “You see?! You see?! The whole world is laughing at Trump!” Within 24 hours, the campaign of Creepy Pedo-Biden put out an attack-ad describing Trump as: “A president the world is laughing at.”This coming from a clown who is so comically notorious for his verbal gaffes and missteps that he’s got the Demonrat Establishment extremely worried about his electoral viability.

It is quite obvious that Trump hates these two-faced sons-of-bitches and hates having to even attend these goofy nerd proms. Though the demonic, deranged American Left took this staged stunt as vindication of its own hatred for Trump — to any rational, fair-minded observer, Maricon and Trudeau, as well that unkempt buffoon Boris Johnson of Britain (who doesn’t speak in the video but appears to find the back-stabbing of Trump amusing just the same) all come off like gossipy little envious High School bitches — a mini-flock of silly Globalist Geese talking trash about the America First Eagle who dominates the “world stage”  like no other.

Apart altogether from the insignificance of their back-stabbing banter; the fact is, there are a bunch of world leaders who respect Trump while laughing at fools like Trudeau and Maricon. Evidently, in the lying eyes of the provincial Piranha Press, the leaders and peoples of several massive nations, as well as many other small to large states, are not part of “the international community .”

A “hot mic” my ass! The Maricon / Trudeau girly cheap shot routine about Trump’s lengthy press conference and tardiness was planned in advance and meant to embarrass him on “the world stage .”

Outgoing President of European Council Donald Tusk (Poland) tweeted an image of himself “shooting” Donald Trump in the back at NATO Summit. His cryptic post read: “Despite seasonal turbulences our transatlantic friendship must last.” Trump NATO

So, the “whole world” hates or is “laughing at” Trump, eh Pedo Joe? Eh Sulzberger? Well, the sheer number of articles, mainly from “mainstream” sources, clearly indicate otherwise. Let’s have a look at just a small sampling of what the Slimes has deemed not “fit to print” — or at least not fit to emphasize.



  • The Hill: June 27, 2019: Putin Praises Trump as “Talented” — Says Liberalism is Obsolete
  • South China Morning Post: July 17, 2018: Putin Praises Trump as “Well-Qualified”
  • CNBC: October 2, 2019: Vladimir Putin Praises Donald Trump’s Economic Policies



  • The Daily Mail: November 20, 2019: China Thanks Trump for Supporting “One China” During Xi Call
  • The Hill:April 10, 2018: Trump Thanks Xi for “Kind Words”
  • New York Post: November 8, 2017: China Welcomes Trump with Elaborate Ceremony

as compared to…

  • The Guardian (UK): September 4, 2016: Obama Deliberately Snubbed by Chinese
  • The Independent (UK): September 4, 2016: Barack Obama Snubbed on Tarmac Arrival in China



  • The Fair Observor (India): October 10, 2019: Did Modi Cross a Line With His Tacit Endorsement of Donald Trump?
  • USA Today: September 22, 2019: Trump Bromance with Narendra Modi on Display

Putin, Xi & Modi



  • Wall Street Journal: May 16, 2017: Erdogan Praises Trump
  • Washington Jewish Week: November 20, 2019: The Trump Erdogan Bromance



  • Roll Call: March 19, 2019: Trump, Bolsonaro Flaunt Nationalist Bromance
  •  AP News: March 19, 2019: Trump Buddies Up with Bolsonaro, the ‘Trump of the Tropics’



  • MSN: May 27, 2019: Japan’s Abe Praises Trump, Calling their Bond ‘Unshakable’

Erdogan, Bolsonaro & Abe



  • Reuters: April 30, 2018: South Korea President Says Trump Deserves Nobel Peace Prize



  • The Guardian (UK): November 13, 2017: Duterte Sings Love Song for Trump: ‘You are the Light’



  • Politico: Juky 30, 2018: Giuseppe Conte, Donald Trump’s Italian Cheerleader


Jae-In, Duterte & Conte



  • The Economist: March 30, 2017: Why Egypt’s Ruler Loves Donald Trump



  • The Economist: October 24, 2018: Why Donald Trump is Popular in Africa
  • The Africa Report: June 7, 2019: Why Africa Gives a Thumbs-Up to Donald Trump’s America
  • Newsweek: July 1, 2017: Who Likes President Trump? In Africa, Nigerians are Big Fans

… as compared to…

  • Politico: July 24, 2015: Africa’s Disappointment with Obama

Sisi and African leaders


It is as interesting as it is telling to note that the pro-Trump world leaders — who now represent the bulk of the world’spopulation, territory and economic output — tend to manifest classic “Alpha Male” characteristics in their manner of direct speech, body language and policy actions. On the other limp-wristed hand; the back-stabbing anti-Trump Globalists such as pretty-boy Trudeau and secret penis-lover Maricon absolutely stink of childishness, cowardice, dishonor and duplicity. I don’t know about “youse guys,” but given a choice between gaining the admiration and approval of one of those two groups, I’d take Alpha “bas asses” like Vlad, Xi, Sisi, Modi, Duterte, Erdowan et al over those gossiping, giggling, globo-girly boys — any day!