How does McDonald’s get away with breaking USDA laws regarding human and horse meat?

Horse meat, Human Meat and Worm Meat Fillers Discovered at McDonald’s

Submitted by a Concerned Consumer

Horse meat or Human Meat Discovered at a McDonald’s?

July 2014 Variant. Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory. Previously we brought you a report that detailed disturbing audio admissions by a man who claimed McDonald’s uses human meat as a filler in their 100% beef hamburgers and the fact that McDonald’s has been accused of using worm meat fillers.

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Factory?

Now, inspectors have allegedly found human meat and horse meat in the freezer’s of an Oklahoma City McDonald’s meat factory. Human meat was also recovered in several trucks that were on their way to deliver the patties to the restaurants. According to various reports, authorities have inspected factories and restaurants across the country and have found human meat in 90% of the locations. Horse meat was found in 65% of the locations.

McDonalds Exposed For Using Human Meat! (Must Watch Video)

McDonalds Exposed For Using Human Meat! (Must Watch Video) The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has seized McDonald’s production and shipping and will call for more meat factory inspections and restaurant inspections. The FBI is also investigating the factories. FBI agent Lloyd Harrison told Huzler reporters “The worst part is….

McDonalds caught using human baby meat in their burgers – YouTube

Dec 12, 2016. OVER 90% locations HUMAN MEAT FOUND. McDonald’s Meat Factory was found to have babies limbs lying on the floor of the premises.