October 16, 2019

An amazing event just happened in Syria – one which perhaps not even 1 in 20 specimens of Boobus Americanus would even understand, let alone appreciate. Donald Trump, to the dismay of both the Greater Israel and the Globalist factions of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) has (for the most part) given Syrians their country back — and in so doing, deactivated what was, only a few years ago, a potential World War 3 trigger point.

From the article:

“Syrian government forces streamed into the country’s northeast on Monday, seizing towns where they had not set foot in years and filling a vacuum opened up by President Trump’s decision to abandon the United States’ Syrian Kurdish allies.” (emphasis added)

Now as for this already worn-out hateful mantra — emanating from both the western and the Israeli Fake News — about Trump “abandoning”  the CIA-Mossad-backed Kurds; all that really means is that the Deep State has lost the last of its proxy mercenaries in Syria. What Soros and Satanyahoo (for different purposes) created, Trump and Russia and Turkey and Iran have, through a combination of maneuver, manipulation and force, successfully dismantled.

To better appreciate this accomplishment, let us review the key events of the past decade which led up to it.

2009: Obongo kicks off his “apology tour” – apologizing on three different continents for the “arrogance” and sins of America and his presidential predecessor. What this really signals is that he prefers secret proxy wars to the in-your-face bombardments and invasions of Clinton and the Bushes.

2010: Planned years in advance, the CIA-Mossad “Arab Spring” is unleashed. Paid and controlled “spontaneous” mobs take to the streets in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya and other states to protest “corruption” or “human rights abuse.”

2011: NATO jets bombard Libya in support of CIA-Mossad mercenary terrorist scum on the ground. Qaddafi is eventually captured and slaughtered on camera. Libya is plunged into chaos.

2011: The “Arab Spring” comes to Syria – first in the form of rigged “protests” against Syrian leader Assad– and then in deadlier form of armed and well-orgainized Deep State mercenaries imported, armed and trained from all dark corners of the Arab world.

2013: These destructive mercenaries are later split into “moderate rebels” and terrorist “ISIS.” The purpose of the phony divide is to use the brutality of ISIS as a phony pretext for bringing US forces into Syria — allegedly to fight ISIS — but actually, to fight Assad.

2013 – 2016: Russia, Iran and the heroic Hezbollah fighters of Lebanon assist Syria in fighting both the “moderate rebels” and ISIS (same thing). China also makes it known that it will defend Syria if necessary. The Israelis openly provide assistance to the “rebels” and periodically bomb Syrian targets. Meanwhile, the Turks begin to move closer and closer to Russia as relations sour with Israel.

2016: Soros’ warmongering psychopaths like Killary Clinton and John McStain openly call for a “no fly zone” to shoot down Russian planes.

2017: Trump takes office and cuts off CIA funding for the “rebels” (here) as Russia continues to bomb ISIS positions. In order to mask his true intentions of making peace, Trump — in response to a Deep State / Fake News hoax which framed Assad for a “chemical weapons” attack — launches harmless missile strikes against empty Syrian fields while making theatrical verbal attacks on Assad and his Russian protector.

2018-2019: The Syrians recapture most of the country as Israel is held at bay by Russian defense systems.

2019: Trump removes the remaining US presence, thus green-lighting the Turks to take out of remaining Kurd CIA-Mossad proxies – as the Greater Israel crowd and the Globalists whine about Trump’s “abandonment”  of the Kurds and phony “atrocities .” In time, we expect the outgunned Kurds to make a deal with Syria.

In short, whereas Obongo preached peace, peace, peace to conceal the fact that he was secretly waging war, war, war — Trump preached war, war, war to conceal the fact that he was secretly waging peace, peace, peace. And that’s all you need to know about how Syria was saved, and World War 3 was prevented. Any questions?