Ilhan Omar and Elijah Cummings Represent Deep State

Henry Makow

When the Sean Hannitys of the world insist on Ms. Omar disavowing terrorist organizations, why should she? Her remarks are indicative of an understanding of the realities of the policies and allegiances of the Cabal. 

(Disclaimer- This is credible and provocative. I can’t vouch for it but I post it for comment.)

by Lloyd M( 

In the political Maelstrom of the last week, several issues have arisen that are illustrative of much deeper underlying realities. One of these items is the controversy surrounding Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, and the second concerns Congressman Elijah Cummings and the woeful state of the City of Baltimore. Neither story is significant in itself but each one serves as a marker for a vital underlying truth.
In the case of Congresswoman Omar, she has been criticized for a number of statement that she has made regarding ISIS, al-Qaeda and the events of 9/11. She giggles when discussing al-Qaeda; she drew moral equivalence between the US and al-Qaeda; she pleaded for leniency for ISIS members; she described 9/11 as “some people did something.” 
The important point to understand is that Rep. Omar is giving us, albeit unintentionally, some very important information. This is not new information, but rather represents corroboration of information that has not yet made its way into the mainstream media and the purview of the “normies.” 
Her seeming insouciance regarding these hot button issues is not necessarily based on ignorance and hatred towards the US. Instead, what she is revealing, if you read between the lines, is the utter insanity and treasonous nature of the CIA’s, and the Cabal’s machinations. A simple google search using the following terms – dilyana arsenal bulgaria, will reveal a vast trove of articles about illicit weapons shipments by the Cabal to terrorist organizations throughout Africa, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Chechnya and the Uighurs in China. 
For example, the first hit on the google search is entitled “350 diplomatic flights carry weapons for terrorists.” The CIA and the Hillary mob have been providing weaponry for our supposed enemies. A lot of the lighter weapons came from Arsenal in Bulgaria and the heavy weapons were shipped from US Southern ports.

When the Sean Hannitys of the world insist on Ms. Omar disavowing terrorist organizations, why should she? Her remarks are indicative of an understanding of the realities of the policies and allegiances of the Cabal. 
And as for 9/11, yes, “some people did do something.”
Additionally, one should understand why Ms. Omar and other Somalis were brought to this country. The term for these people is gladios, fighters. Gladio 1 was the program in Europe of fighters and the positioning of weapons caches intended to be used to resist a Soviet invasion. These programs evolved into sumps of corruption, and the fighters were used for false flag terror operations. 
Gladio 2 occurred when Graham Fuller and Zbigniew Brzezinski recognized that the model of equipping the muhjadeen could be employed in other Asian countries to destabilize and eventually steal their natural resources for the benefit of the whole CFR Rockefeller Rothschild nexus.
 Gladio 3 is the program to bring fighters and operatives into the US itself. These range from Somalis, Pakistanis, MS-13, and other groups. Fethullah Gulen is safely ensconced in the Poconos, surrounded by weapons caches and heavy military equipment, and there are a number of Gulen encampments throughout the US, with weapons stores and gladios. 
And, a great number of ISIS and al-Qaeda gladios have been surreptitiously repatriated into theUS under the auspices of the MAVNI program. MAVNI stands for Military accessions vital to national interest, and it provided cover for bringing CIA terrorist proxies and their families into this country under the guise of being translators. These people are here as an insurrectionary force obeying the dictates of the Cabal.

With regards to Trump’s criticism of Cummings and the corruption concerning Rep. Elijah Cummings and the deterioration of his district and the City of Baltimore has a deeper underlying purpose. 
One simply has to google “Awan Brothers IT Congress” to discern what that purpose is. The Awan Brothers are gladios and operatives of the Pakistani ISI.  Just match up the Democratic representatives that the Awans provided IT services to, then look at a map of the US and match up the representatives with the location of their districts. It is so easy that even a Progressive could do it. 


All of the Congressional Representatives are in locations with international ports. The Awan Brothers were tasked with providing specially configured Blackberrys to the Congress critters to facilitate weapon, drug, human, uranium and other trafficking, free from scrutiny by the NSA. This conspiracy is known to the White Hats and they are in the process of rolling up this trafficking activity. (See also Awan Bros for Dummies
This explains several recent massive drug interdictions in the Port of Baltimore, the Port of Philadelphia and the West Coast. The network runs right up to Speaker Pelosi and Democratic Congressional leadership. In the coming weeks, the participants will be arrested. Trump’s statements are intended to begin preparing the public for these and other high-profile arrests.

When discussing these issues, we can derive a number of lessons, the principle one of which is that this level of criminality could never have continued over decades without the knowledge and complicity of the corrupt mainstream corporate media. Their purpose is not to inform us but rather, to protect the Establishment, the Cabal, the CIA, the Deep State and their Democratic Party minions. 
To better understand what really is going on, a motivated researcher and patriot has to glean from the outcroppings of the mainstream media iceberg and connect them with an understanding of the underlying perfidy and treasonous activities of the Cabal.