Child slave markets and child prostitution are rampant in Saudi Arabia. Saudi men bid for the kids in Egypt and Yemen and then bring them to their markets in Saudi Arabia. They are given false identities and passports so they can be trafficked to buyers around the globe. What if we learn that Epstein was purchasing children from Saudi slave markets and hiring traffickers to ship them to his island. No one would miss these kids if they disappeared. Here is a brief excerpt from a report titled:

“There are reports of child sex tourism taking place in the Middle East, including in Syria, which has now become a popular destination for sex tourists from wealthier countries in the Middle East – many of whom are Saudi men. High prices are offered for virgins.18 There have also been reports of Saudi and other Gulf visitors acquiring youth brides in so-called ‘temporary marriages’ in Egypt.19 Domestic service that is abusive and early forced marriage are other practices that are creating demand for child sex trafficking in the Middle East.”