Dad, what’s an anti-Semitism?

“Dad, what’s an anti-Semitism?”

“An anti-Semitism, son, it’s when Syrians are shooting down

 an Israeli bomber jet bombing Syria.”

Russian humor



The week of the G20 heads meeting in Argentina has been a period of non-stop attacks on all fronts. The week started with the Kiev regime provocation in the Black Sea, it continued with yellow-jackets  Maidan organized against Macron in France, and Trump’s personal lawyer siding with the prosecution against his client, Trump’s team confirming a meeting with Putin to discuss the STAR treaty renewal and canceling this meeting in a matter of hours, Merkel’s plane breaking down up in the air from apparent attempt to murder her. She got the message and traveled further by a civilian airplane using passengers as her life insurance. Had Merkel’s plane crashed, her death would be a highlight of the week and would make the 13th G20 assembly a truly unforgettable event. On Saturday, she had a private meeting with president Putin and asked him for help. Clearly that she is in real danger.

Just recall a recent plot, a stupid and naive plot, to blame the German officers for organizing an anti-government revolt and preparing to kill some politicians.

This how the demonocratic plotters imagined it:

First they create some vague rumors about those German army officers, with one of their crisis-actors acting as such army officer.

Then, the demonocrats would kill Merkel, while she on her flight to the G20.

An investigation would find what?… right, it would find media reports about an evil German officers who wanted to kill their own Kanzler.

Without Merkel, and using a general panic, they would place their own kanzler, they have two to chose from.

And, after they place their own kanzler over Germany they would play Germans like chess. They would use German money and blood and move German army into Syria and into Kiev-Reich, and drown everyone in blood, like they had done twice in the 20th century. You remember.

Demonocrats don’t care about consequences of their actions, because Germans would be blamed for everything, like the last two times.

German’s ex-foreign minister complains that Ukraine tries to push them into the war against Russia.

Macron was intentionally ignored upon arrival to Buenos-Aires   with a creepy figure in a yellow-jacket greeting him upon arrival, whose hand Macron shook without hesitation.

Argentina has been blessed with her authorities being truly carefully selected people, who, upon arrival of the head of China, greeted with enthusiasm Xi’s security team officer, because you know, all Chinese look the same. Theresa May was blamed in poisoning the atmosphere of the assembly.  Under the pressure of the wave of “end for Trump” media euphoria that followed Thursday’s guilty plea by Cohen, Trump canceled his sit-down meeting with president of Russia,  received a broken translator devise, and was videotaped looking, lost and forlorn, as the leaders of Russia and Saudi Arabia  jovially greeting each other at the G20 summit. The MBS is being blamed for executing Kashogi, who since the 90s has been heavily involved in organizing the terror activities in Russia, and even made personal appearances with the proxy army invading Russia in Chechnya.  Reputedly Bloomberg’s news opinion poll indicated that people from 133 countries would like to see Putin as a president of their countries, including 12 members of the EU.

‘Kiev would get away even with eating babies’: Putin made a great remark pointing at the Talmudic regime that has a grip over Ukraine.

Same day news came about Bush senior death. Bush, in collusion with the communist party apparatchiks, destroyed and broke apart our country, made Russians the biggest divided nation on earth, with tens of millions of us given like slaves to the international criminal gangs to own and torture. Bush – Gobachev  illegal division of our country resulted in death of at least ten million people in Russia and millions more across the parts of the Soviet Union and amongst our allies in the Warsaw treaty who trusted us. With so much death, wealth losses, and unspeakable misery of Orthodox Christians, it brings us serenity to know that another architect of our tragedy is rotting in hell.

Earlier on Friday, earthquake hits near Argentina’s capital as world leaders attend G20 summit, and  FBI raided home of whistleblower who had ‘dirt’ on Clinton Foundation.

On the night from November 28 to November 29, when the leaders of the 20 most powerful countries were on their way to Argentina, Israel with a massive support of the US and British recognizance aircraft and vessels,  attacked and shelled Syria in three separate waves of missiles. All of the missiles were intercepted by the newly redesign Syrian anti-missile system. Israel-American-British teams behind the attack wanted to prove that Russian anti-missile system set up in Syria doesn’t work at exact moment when Putin was arriving to Argentina. Just in case, Israel conducted the shelling from Palestinian territory. The system showed that it works perfectly, taking down all Israel’s missiles and possible one military jet. The battle was much greater than Israel is willing to admit, because apparently, Israel tried to hit the positions of S-300 even so they weren’t engaged, instead something struck back the occupied by Israel Golan heights and destroyed ether a launching post or an ammunition depot, because the explosion was so huge it knocked off all the lights over the occupied territory. Remember a threat of Russian force in Syria that they will destroyed any launching site that would target Russia’s troops? One can speculate that Israel was so brazen, they tried to hit the S-300 and got what they asked for. I described in my book Hell & Israel two similar events that took place in 2018 and went also underreported. If you have not read it, you must read this short book. It’s immensely entertaining.

All these events were failures of different degrees and proportions for their organizers. But the biggest event, the most symbolic event that will define our future for the next hundred years if not forever, took place this week in a provincial town of Perm’ in Russia.