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PROOF! Hurricane IRMA and Jose MANMADE! HAARP Chemtrails Conspiracy

Hurricane Irma and Jose manmade by HAARP Geoengineering! Latest proof that HAARP and chemtrails are being used for weather modification of hurricane Irma and Jose. It’s not a conspiracy theory – it’s conspiracy reality!

This HAARP launches a ‘death ray’ into the sky, effectively ‘zapping’ our Planet Earth – Gaia. The result of this insane weather experiment is evidence left by it’s sheer massive size and power – patterns in the sky that stretch for hundreds of miles south into the spot where these Pacific and Atlantic hurricanes are born.

Weather modification through artificial cloud seeding aka chemtrails stimulates the Greenhouse Effect by trapping the evaporating moisture heat under it, while UV rays from the Sun easily penetrate it. HAARP can be used to create earthquakes, change weather patterns, bend the ionosphere, tidal waves, volcanism, and hurricanes, as well as weird patterns in the sky.