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Creating the Next Tropical Storm: Cape Verde Hurricane Season

One of the things “Gulf Storms” illustrates better than anywhere else, is the fact the borders are meaningless. Water Vapor erupting from seven different countries simultaneous demonstrates those in control of this are not beholden – to any country.

It’s why efforts and propagation of “blame the government” of whatever country you are in, simply isn’t believable. We all know that countries find it difficult enough to agree on the time of day, so it simply isn’t believable that all of the countries of the world have entered into pact to run this elaborate operation in silence… and not only that, agreed to do it some seventy years ago.

That’s why, from my perspective, two things are abundantly clear. 1) This system is controlled at the industrial level. 2) Those controlling it, are outside of any government.

This also makes all the disinformation efforts make sense as well. The global disinformation operation always follows the same pattern, and here it no different. In each country, get the people to believe it’s their own government doing it to them, create division and strife between the populations and their governments, and the people will never look for the actual culprits. For any who have paying attention even remotely, we’ve seen this work dozens of times in remote control regime change operations in the last decade alone, and it quite effectively keeps the “geoengineering truthers” chasing the strawman.

It makes the coopting and control of the “truth movements” in each country make sense as well. On that side of it, they can introduce whatever fake memes they want, which makes anyone remotely genuine in government look at any ‘truthers’ look like loonies, making their concerns not worthy of any attention.

As you can see from the last 20 years of the so-called “Geoengineering Truth” movement (which has gotten exactly nowhere in 20 years), these methods of divide and stupefy, are very effective. People around the world can see chemtrails every day. People around the world can Water Vapor Generation in-person and on Radar and Satellite, every day. Yet if you mention either – you are the one who is called crazy, first by the psyop operatives, then by the hypnotized followers, and of course, by any government official who is conditioned to automatically equate the word “chemtrails” with “loony bin.”

Mind you, I’m saying there aren’t elements of governments involved, or individuals in governments who don’t at least partially know what is going on. What I am saying however, is that there are in about as much control of it, as any one power plant. In this video, you see at least seven countries being used in unison. Anyone believe any of those seven countries have any say, or are even aware of it?

So, that’s why understanding the process itself, is the most important thing. As you can see, if you don’t understand the process exactly, you can’t possibly start asking “who is doing this.” The first thing people need to understand is boiling water. Once people actually understand the process, then they can start looking for who is responsible.

“You can’t solve a problem, until you know what the problem is.”