US backs down on Philippines air strikes



Earlier today, US based NBC news reported that America was preparing for airstrikes in Philippines against terrorist targets.

This was followed by a flagrant denial by Philippines. As The Duran reported,

  • “Defence officials in Philippines deny reports from the United States that American military contingents are examining the possibility of a military intervention in the country due to the war with ISIS aligned terrorists and other insurgents on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao and specifically the besieged city of Marawi.

US based NBC news earlier reported that Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis stated that the US will shortly make an announcement on whether US bombers will commence military strikes in Philippines.

  • This recent development would imply that the US is considering and indeed may be planning a strike on targets in Philippines that may be illegal according to international law”.

Now, the Pentagon has confirmed that the US has no plans to intervene and that no such requests were made, thus backing up the Philippine side of the original story.

Sputnik reports,

  • “The United States has no plans to conduct strikes in the Philippines against the positions of the Islamic State terror group (banned in Russia), US Department of Defense spokesperson Christopher Logan told Sputnik on Tuesday.

    US media reported on Monday that the Defense Department is considering a plan that includes drone strikes against the terrorists in the Philippines.

    ‘The Philippines have not requested nor is the US planning drone strikes in the Philippines,” Logan stated. ‘We respect the sovereignty of the Philippines, and we are not pursuing unilateral action in the Philippines”.