Trump marvelously TROLLS media in West Virginia: ‘Any Russians here tonight?’



As the unremitting assault on Donald Trump’s presidency by the deep state continues, the president openly mocked the Russia hysteria

Donald Trump spoke to a packed crowd in Huntington, West Virginia on Thursday, delivering one of his most fiery speeches since his campaign days.

It continued Trump’s strategy of taking his message directly to the people, bypassing the traditional mass media, which is overwhelmingly hostile.


The U.S. President openly mocked the ongoing “Russiagate” obsession of the mainstream media and his opponents in the deep state apparatus, to the delight of the audience:

  • The Russia story is a total fabrication. It’s just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of American politics…

    What the prosecutors should be looking at, are Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails, and they should be looking at the paid Russian speeches, and the owned Russian companies – or let them look at the uranium she sold that is now in the hands of very angry Russians.

    Most people know there were no Russians in our campaign – there never were. We didn’t win because of Russia, we won because of you

    Have you seen any Russians in West Virginia…? Are there any Russians here tonight?

The speech comes right on the heels of Trump’s signing into law a bill forced on him by congress, which restricts the president’s ability to lift sanctions on Russia without approval from the legislature. Trump slammed the bill as “clearly unconstitutional.”

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller convened a federal grand jury on Thursday, as part of the continuing probe into alleged “Russian meddling” into the 2016 election and supposed ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Neither allegation has been substantiated by any concrete evidence so far.