Vladimir Putin: GMOs Reduce Sperm Count, It’s A New World Order Depopulation Tool

Russian leader on Monsanto and human devolution

As sperm counts in Western men plummet at an alarming rate, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has branded GMOs as “modern poisons” used as a tool of the New World Order to depopulate the planet.

According to new comprehensive studies, sperm counts have plummeted by almost 50% in just a four decades time frame as the modern man’s health deteriorates at break-neck speed.

As many theories circulate suggesting that the decline is sperm count is a result of toxic GMOs used by the globalist as depopulation tool, Putin said: “I don’t know what I have to do to get through to people. Can you see where this is headed?

“The human race is doomed unless we take urgent action A young man born today in America will be completely sterilized by the time he is 40.”

Putin said that his goal was to have the world cleanest food supply by boosting the health of its soil, and giving the Russian people purely organic food to avoid the health risks of GMOs.

According to a Security Council (SCRF) report, Putin said that evolution was at risk as a result of Western super powers intentionally decelerating the process for their “personal gain.”

Last year, Putin signed Federal Law 358-Z, prohibiting “cultivation of genetically engineered plants and breeding of genetically engineered animals on the territory of the Russian Federation,”


GMOs and Sperm

The connection between GMOs and Sperm decline hasn’t been officially linked, as scientists still say it’s down to modern lifestyles in the digital era such as anxiety and smoking.

So why is Putin the only leader that has made the GMO connection to low sperm counts? Maybe you should follow the money.

“Given the importance of sperm counts for male fertility and human health, this study is an urgent wake-up call for researchers and health authorities around the world to investigate the causes of the sharp ongoing drop in sperm count, with the goal of prevention,” lead author Hagai Levine said in a statement.

Last year, over 37 million bees died when a GMO corn plantation was in close proximity of a local beekeeper in Canada.

Incidents like this should be the reason that GMOs should be banned, not just in Russia, but worldwide.