Pope Francis: ‘Relationships With Jesus Are Dangerous And Harmful’

Pope tells Christians to avoid a ‘personal relationship with Jesus Christ’ and advocates for a New World Order.

Pope Francis has raised eyebrows again this week after warning 33,000 Catholics assembled in Rome to avoid “a personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus Christ”.

Speaking during one of his sermons at the Vatican, the Pope broke with thousands of years of Christian tradition when he told his followers to avoid having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, even warning that doing so could turn out to be ‘dangerous and very harmful’.

Pope Francis’s statements left many people confused as to what he could mean by his statements. This is not the first time that the pontiff has left the Catholic faithful stunned in recent weeks. Many of his followers also expressed their confusion when the Pope held Islamic prayers in the Vatican which many people saw as a step too far when it came to inter-faith dialogue.

The Pope has not only caused controversy in theological circles in the past couple of weeks. Recently, the Pope made various peculiar statements to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica in which he claimed that the American people have ‘a distorted view of the world’ and put forward the idea of the people of the United States being ruled by a world government ‘for their own good’.

This is not the first time that the Pope has openly spoken of his desire for the establishment of a one world government that will have supreme oversight when it comes to all of the world’s affairs. The Pope claims that he believes that endowing the United States with the full muscle and might of ultimate governmental oversight would be for the overall good of humanity. In conversation with reporters from Ecuador’s El Universo newspaper, he said that it was essential to do so in order to formulate a cohesive, international stance against climate change.

While this may seem unusual, it is, in fact, a central tenant of the Catholic faith to establish an overall centralized authority over all Christians. The word ‘Catholic’ actually means ‘universal’. However, his statements about a one world government combined with his eccentric theological pronouncements over the past couple of weeks have led some to wonder whether the pontiff is working a sophisticated agenda that has nothing to do with religious faith and everything to do with service to the world’s elite.