Good for the goose…Kremlin accuses US of hacking Russia “every day”

Moscow said it had observed hacking attempts launched against it from US territory “every day.”

Right before former FBI director James Comey testified to US Congress about fictional “Russian election meddling” (a story concocted by Hillary Clinton, Robby Mook, and John Podesta), Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov refused to be drawn into the “nonsense” of Russian hysteria plaguing American politics, while throwing out this truth bomb for good measure…

  • “Hacking attacks that are being carried out from the territory of the United States are recorded every day. Including attacks on the president’s website. It’s true.”

Asked if his information indicated the hacking attacks were carried out by intelligence agencies or unaffiliated hackers, Peskov said…

  • “I wouldn’t like to amuse the public by saying that official Washington is behind it. A hacking attack carried out from the territory of some country cannot mean that the authorities have anything to do with it.”

CNN reported…

  • State Department Spokesman Heather Nauert said the Russian claim “does not surprise me” and dismissed it as “propaganda.” Messages left with the National Security Agency and White House were not immediately returned Thursday.

    Peskov’s statement comes hours before Comey appeared before the Senate intelligence committee in one of the most eagerly awaited hearings in decades.

Peskov noted that the Kremlin will not be paying much attention to the drama in Washington, as Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently attending an Astana meeting.

  • “We are much more interested in the summit of the state leaders of Shanghai Cooperation Organization which takes place in Astana today and tomorrow.”