Chelsea Manning gives first interview to ABC News since being released from prison (Video)

ABC’s exclusive Interview with Chelsea Manning.

Chelsea Manning has given her first interview since being released from prison by former President Barack Obama.

In the exclusive interview with ABC News, Manning said she felt “responsibility to the public” to release thousands of military documents.

The Anti Media reports

  • Excerpts of her interview with ABC‘s “Nightline” co-anchor Juju Chang aired Friday on the network’s “Good Morning America.”

    Asked about why she leaked the trove of documents, she says,

    “I have a responsibility to the public … we all have a responsibility.”

    “We’re getting all this information from all these different sources and it’s just death, destruction, mayhem.”

    “We’re filtering it all through facts, statistics, reports, dates, times, locations, and eventually, you just stop.”

    “I stopped seeing just statistics and information, and I started seeing people.”

    Asked by Hing what she would tell President Obama, Manning, choking up, says,

    “I’ve been given a chance.”

    “That’s all I asked for was a chance.”

Here are excerpts from the interview…