Martial Law? Cyber Attack Hits Banks, Manufacturers, Causes TRAIN DERAILMENT IN GREECE!

UPDATED  4:55 PM EDT (See Bottom) — Martial Law could be declared in countries around the world, including the US as early as NEXT WEEK, as a computer virus began holding computers worldwide for “ransom” Friday. When this hits banks, DOOMSDAY!

A cyber attack using NSA exploits, began in Europe Friday morning, with entities in the UK, Spain, and Portugal being hit first.  Computers in hospitals, certain government offices and a huge number of corporations suddenly locked-up making them un-usable, and told their users that a certain amount of ransom had to be paid within a certain time period, or all the data on the computers would be forever destroyed.  Once the ransom is paid, the user is given a password to decrypt their files and regain control of their computer system.

This particular computer attack uses exploits found by the US National Security Agency (NSA), to gain access to computers.  The exploit was stolen from the NSA last year when hackers got into the servers of an NSA Contractor and downloaded the government’s hacking tools along with classified information on how government gets into computers.

Initially, a hacker group calling itself “Shadow Brokers” announced they had the NSA tools and offered them to the highest bidder . . . . but apparently there were no takers.  So a few months ago, Shadow Brokers uploaded all the NSA hacking materials to public Internet servers and released them to the general public for FREE!

Hundreds of thousands of copies of the NSA’s secret government spy tools were downloaded worldwide within minutes, with there being no way to ever retrieve all the copied files.

Over the course of the past few months, someone . . . . no one knows who (yet) . . . . linked “Ransom-ware” with the NSA hacking exploits released by Shadow Brokers.

Ransom-ware is malicious computer code which seizes control of a computer, encrypts all the data on the computer, and holds it “hostage” unless money is sent to the hacker via anonymous Bitcoin or via anonymous Western Union money transfer.

Linking Ransom-ware with the NSA tools allowed computers to be hacked-into using the NSA exploits, and then infected with the Ransom-ware which locks up all the computer files, encrypts them with an unbreakable code, and tells the computer owner they must pay a certain “ransom” in order to get the password to release the files.

Any computer infected is also programmed to permanently DESTROY all the files if the ransom is not paid within a certain time period!

As of 10:00 PM eastern US time on Friday, May 12, 2017, 57,000 entities in 74 different countries around the world have confirmed their systems are compromised by this cyber attack!

Victims include individual computer owners, companies and corporations of all sizes, hospitals, and even certain government agencies.  In the UK on Friday, several large hospitals could not render care to patients because their computer systems could not be accessed to release drugs or to review patient information.

Portugal Telecom was also hit, with tens of thousands locked out of computers that provided telephone service to much of the country!  The cyber attack was so bad, that even technicians in Portugal Telecom could not communicate with each other to try to fix the problem!  Phone outages remain and are growing throughout that country.

In Spain, hospitals, colleges, universities, local government agencies and many other entities, found themselves locked out of their systems and unable to work.


For years, many who are derided as “Conspiracy Theorists” have warned that a Global Financial Collapse is imminent because debt loads are overwhelming.  Bankruptcies at the personal, corporate and even Sovereign Debt level (Greece, Puerto Rico, Detroit to name just a few)  have skyrocketed in the past two years, and things are getting worse.  The shear volume of debt is crippling more and more people and businesses.

The stock markets have only risen because central banks have been buying stocks with money they print out of thin air via computer account entries.  The true value of stocks, based upon earnings, is long gone from reality.

Commodities markets have been widely manipulated – presumably by those same central banks — to manipulate the value of actual goods, to the advantage of the fiat cash money system.  They kept the price of Gold and Silver artificially low so as to make people think their paper money system was still sound.  It isn’t.

Even worse, the financial “gurus” conned people into buying Gold and Silver “on paper” while the Gurus would “hold” the physical metal for such customers . . . so it was “safe.”

That turned out to be a complete lie when public records showed those Gurus has sold the same ounce of gold or silver, to more than 500 different people !!!!   The gurus figured that there was no way all of these “paper” owners would demand delivery of the gold, so they kept selling the same ounces over and over again, collecting fees on those transactions, but lacking the physical metal to fulfill orders.  Believe it or not, this is actually LEGAL under international banking laws!

As the “Conspiracy Theorists” publicized these facts, they were slammed as “tinfoil hat” nut jobs.  They were smeared as being “paranoid.”

In March of 2013, an insider revealed that a “cyber attack on a Friday would be the 72 hour warning of Martial Law.”  The “insider” claimed that a cyber attack would be blamed for making banking impossible, and the public would be told the banks would not re-open the following Monday, while being assured the problems would be resolved and everything would be back to normal quickly.  (That original video warning appears at the end of this article!)

The insider then claimed that during the weekend, TROOPS WOULD BE DEPLOYED NATIONWIDE to quell civil disturbances when the public found itself without money, unable to get cash from ATM or the banks, and unable to use credit/debit cards because bank computers were all affected.  It would leave people without any way to buy food or fuel.

The insider then said, as the days go on, and the “computer troubles” are not resolved, people would find themselves running out of food, medicine and other essentials.  Companies could not do business and governments would be unable to help because, they too, would have no access to money. Panic and anger would send people by the hundreds-of-thousands into the streets.

HERE IT IS ! ? ! ?

Well, this “cyber attack” began on a Friday.  Like magic, a massive “cyber attack” is making computers unavailable to tens of thousands of companies, hospitals and government agencies.  Has it hit the banks yet — and we haven’t been told?

Will we be told over this weekend that the banks will not be able to open on Monday because of computer trouble?

What if things open as usual on Monday, and as the work week goes on, this cyber attack continues to spread . . . . and finally gets to the banks?

Will Next weekend be the weekend everything goes to hell financially?

A global financial collapse caused by a cyber attack????  Followed by Martial Law?  Followed by hunger and food riots?  Breakdown of civil authority?  Chaos?


Time will tell.


if you have money in the bank, Friday and Saturday may be your only hope to get __any__ of it out.    Get to an ATM right now . . . . right this minute . . . . don’t wait. Take out the maximum you’re allowed from the ATM.  Go back to the bank Saturday morning when it opens to get more cash out.

Next, gas-up your car(s) while credit and debit still work. Tank-up!

When the banks open first thing Saturday morning, calmly go there and get a few thousand out to tie you over.

You need to have enough cash on-hand to buy food and fuel for a month or two.

If this article is wrong, and the cyber attack is defeated, you can put the money back in the bank next week if you want.  No harm, no foul.


If you cannot get cash, do you have enough food on-hand to feed yourself and your family for a month or two?

What will you do if supermarkets get hit and can’t sell food.  What if Banks close and supermarkets can only take cash because they cannot process credit or debit cards?

Forget paying your bills.  This is survival.  Those with cash will survive.  Those without, will riot, steal and kill for food.

This could very well be exactly what the “insider” warned us about 4 years ago.  Those of us who listened will be OK.  Those of you who did not . . . . oh well . . . . we told ya so.



First, the global elite lost the November election.  Their candidate, Hillary Clinton, blew it.

They’ve tried for months to disrupt Trump with paid (and violent) protesters nationwide.  It failed.

They tried for months to discredit Trump with their phony “Russian Election Interference” nonsense.  Not only did former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, testify under oath to Congress this week that “there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia” but even Senator Diane Feinstein admitted it on CNN.

When asked by Wolf Blitzer if Feinstein or her Senate COmmittee had any evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump, she replied “Not at this time.”

If that wasn’t devastating enough for the elites, Trump fired their “ace in the hole”—  FBI Director James Comey.

Now, they’re out of luck in getting a corrupted FBI to do their bidding.

Yesterday, for the first time, US military forces conducted air strikes IN SUPPORT OF the Syrian Arab Army of Bashar Assad!   We bombed ISIS and anti-Assad “Rebels.”  Basically, the US switched sides!

Then, Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov at the White House to begin patching things up between the US and Russia (as has long been needed.)

This means the elites plans are being shattered right before their eyes! Think about it:  Protests failed. The Russian election interference nonsense failed. Comey is fired. Trump is now helping the Syrian President whom the elites wanted out, and Trump is patching things up with Russia.

Every plan the elites had for global domination through war and chaos has failed.  The only tool they have left is to take down the global financial system to cause Civil Chaos.  Lo and Behold, that is precisely what seems to be in the works with this sudden Cyber-Attack which spreads like wildfire.

Below is the video from four years ago warning us that Martial Law would be implemented due to a virus affecting banks.  Here now, the video UPDATES TO THIS ARTICLE APPEAR BELOW THE VIDEO:


 2013 Video “72 Hour “Red-Flag” for Martial Law” Due to Cyber Attack affecting Banks:


SuperStation95 has received information that ATM customers using BB&T Bank and First Citizens Bank ATM’s in South Carolina were unable to get cash earlier today.  The woman reports she both machines were up and running, accepted her card and asked for her PIN, but when she sought cash, both machines reported “That Operation cannot be performed at this time.”

Whether it was related to the cyber attack is unknown.

 As of 12:30 AM EDT  this cyber attack has now been confirmed to affect 75,000 entities in 99 countries.  It is still spreading fast.


FedEx employees in Memphis received a text notification: “Virus spreading through FedEx with ransomware threat. Could be US wide. Recommend you turn off your computer if it’s windows just in case.””


“…Some employees were told company systems globally were affected and that non-critical systems and PCs were to remain turned off until further notice from management…”


SuperStation95 can now confirm the cyber virus is in the global Banking System.  Santander Bank has confirmed it is affected by this cyber attack.

ALL BANKS on planet earth utilize the SWIFT communications system to conduct “secure” banking.  That system is so outdated, it requires Windows VISTA to operate!

Microsoft halted updates to VISTA years ago, meaning the banks are sitting ducks.

The fact that Santander Bank is affected, likely means the global banking system is now infected.

If YOUR bank becomes infected, how will they provide CASH OR CREDIT services if all their files are encrypted?  See how this could mean no cash from ATM’s and no credit or debit cards working?

We urgently suggest you take the steps outlined earlier in this article to try to protect yourself in case everything shuts down.


Ross Feingold, a Taiwan-based political analyst who advises on Taiwan and Hong Kong political affairs, warned that full picture may not be known until Monday morning when officials returned to work.

“As the attack commenced on  Friday night Taiwan time, many organiZations, whether government or private sector, will only know the true impact on Monday morning when personnel return to work, turn on their computers, and possibly click on malware and/or otherwise discover that the organisation is the victim of ransomware,” he said.



The cyber attack has now begun to cripple main infrastructure systems in Europe.  German railroads are now grinding to a halt becuase the computers which run those railroads are being locked by the cyber attack.

Below is a photo from a German Railway station this morning.  It shows the Ransom-ware Notice in the Red Box, proving the computer for the railroad has been taken-over by the cyber attack.


Here’s a full size version of the Ransom Note which appears on infected computers:


As more and more infrastructure is affected, water and electric power grids may also go down.  Do you have emergency water stored so you and your family can survive for a month or two?  Better store-up some emergency water right now.  Don’t wait.  




Some anti-Virus  software has been able to detect the infecting file and quarantine it, but does so TOO LATE!   Once the cyber attack virus grabs a computer, it sets-up a self-defense against your anti-virus software.  If your anti-virus software interferes with the cyber-attack, you then get this message below:


The number of infections has jumped to 141,000+ in a matter of hours.  The map below shows the most-prominent countries of infection:



According to, confirmed infections by this Cyber Attack have risen to 148,732 systems with 137,406 taken offline and made non-functional.  The spread of this attack is continuing.  It is important to note that of the 148,742 infected systems, that means “systems” not “computers.”

Within a system can be one computer, or a thousand, depending upon the entity affected.  For instance, the “banking SYSTEM” may count as one system, but obviously it could apply to tens-of-thousands of individual banks.  So the magnitude of this cyber attack is staggering . . . and the spread continues.


MalwareTech confirms the cyber attack has now seized 161,474 systems, of which 151,684 are OFFLINE and unable to operate.  This attack is continuing despite reports that a young blogger in the UK found a “kill switch.”  According to various media reports, a young guy in Britain analysed the virus and found that it was setup to inquire on the Internet to a particular, and very strange Internet domain name.  If it came across the name, that meant the virus should STOP instead of spreading.  So the young guy spent $15 to register the domain name and bring it online!

Now, the problem seems to be that the initial cyber attacker has RE-programmed his virus to look for another domain name and the whole process is starting all over or rather CONTINUING. So whoever did this, is actively monitoring the effects of his malicious work and making adjustments to continue the trouble!

Live updates to this article will continue to appear frequently as this story continues to develop.  Check back often for the updates!


All ATM’s from the People’s Bank of China have gone OFFLINE after being grabbed by the Ransom-ware Cyber attack.

1.5 Billion Chinese now have no access to ATM’s.  Whether this affects branches and walk-in services is yet unknown, but one thing is clear: The BANKING SYSTEM is infected.


Also, as of 3:00 PM EDT Saturday, MalwareTech reports the ongoing Cyber-Attack has now claimed  190,959 computer systems worldwide, with a staggering 190,548 OFFLINE and unable to be accessed.


The ongoing cyber attack has now caused a passenger train to DERAIL in Greece.  Reports coming in from the scene say there are many people injured.  

Railway employees claim rail track switches, which are computer-controlled, were not synchronized and moved in such a way as to not put the train on either a left or right turning track!