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‘Mad Dog’ Mattis to NATO: ‘Problems we have with Russia will be solved by diplomats and no other way’

Bad news for NATO warmongers?

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis met with Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen and discussed NATO’s “democracy spreading wars” and of course “Russian aggression” with Russian President Putin’s fantasy plan to take over the tiny NATO Baltic nations, that no one wants or cares about.

Jim Mattis did note…

– “In terms of our commitment to defense, year 2014 was an eye opener for all of us I think. And we now confront concerns from the East and threats from the South . And we’re going to have to stand visible, but also indivisible as we deal with these issues. I’m on my way from here, sir, to Lithuania where I’ll observe the NATO troops together under the German framework nation there, as we make very clear that these problems we have between us and Russia will be solved by diplomats and no other way.”