The Media Is Lying About Russian Troops Massing on the Border With North Korea

Russian troops massing on the border with North Korea are about as real as Harry Potter’s magic wand. The entire North Korea “crisis” is manufactured hogwash

We keep trying to warn you but you never listen, do you?

“Escalation” with North Korea isn’t real. It’s a distraction.

The same media that told you a mighty American armada is anchored off the Korean Peninsula is now claiming that Russia is massing troops on the border with North Korea, and Chinese bombers are on high alert and making “unusual moves”.

You’re being lied to in the most spectacular and hilarious ways.

The North Korea “crisis” is so fake that it boggles the mind.

We’ll start with the claim that the Russians are preparing for something big on its border with North Korea.

Citing grainy Youtube videos and Twitter, several tabloids and other prestigious new outlets are claiming that Russian troops are getting ready for trouble in North Korea.

An example:

Please just stop. 

Actually, Interfax news on Friday quoted Alexander Gordeyev, spokesman for the Far Eastern Military district, as saying that the movement of heavy weaponry — as depicted by social media — is part of “absolutely scheduled maneuvers of combat readiness.” Gordeyev said the military hardware was on its way back from drills elsewhere and denied any connection to the tensions around North Korea’s nuclear program.

According to the Associated Press, deputy chairman of the defense committee at the Federation Council Frants Klintsevich told RIA Novosti the movement was pre-planned and dismissed reports suggesting Russia was preparing for a possible U.S. attack on North Korea as speculation.

Just like with the “invasion” of Ukraine — if Russia was moving an army to its border with North Korea, trust us, you would know about it.

Chinese bombers on high alert and making “unusual moves”? About a 0% chance


The usual suspect — an anonymous senior US official — told the media that China has temporarily put cruise missile-capable bombers “on high alert”.

Shortly after, Donald Trump announced that China was preparing for something big, and that “some very unusual moves have been made in the last two or three hours”. It’s been more than three hours since he’s said that, and trust us, there is still no war with North Korea.

As an ABC correspondent noted: “What was [Trump] talking about with those new moves in the last two or three hours? I asked the senior staff here at the White House, we asked the Pentagon, we asked the State Department. Nobody could or would tell us.”

Maybe because it’s bullshit?

Don’t let that stop you from reporting on it, though:

Here’s an interesting exchange from a Chinese Foreign Ministry press briefing on Friday:

  • Q: Yesterday, President Trump praised China for unusual moves on the Peninsula nuclear issue. Could you tell us what these moves are? Officials from the US Defense Ministry said a large number of Chinese bomber jets had unusual moves. Do you know what that means?A: I will take your second question first. I haven’t heard of that, and I would refer you to the Defense Ministry.

    Regarding the first question, the Chinese and US presidents had a thorough and in-depth discussion on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue during their meeting in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. We also briefed you on the relevant situation in time. I still want to reiterate that on the Peninsula nuclear issue, China remains committed to achieving denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, preserving peace and stability of the Peninsula and properly resolving the relevant issue properly through dialogue and consultation. The international community recognizes the efforts for peace China has made since the on-set of this issue for its proper settlement. We have found that after in-depth communication between the two sides at various levels, including the top-level, the US now has a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of China’s policies and stance as well as a better grasp of the efforts China has made.

By the way — the Chinese Defense Ministry denied any “unusual moves”.

But allow us to reiterate what Beijing has said 10,000 times: There is no “military option” when it comes to “dealing” with North Korea.

You’re being played like a plastic recorder

A final thought on this joke.

A few days ago the media spread a fair tale story about Russian and Chinese ships stalking the mighty US armada en route to Korea. We can now say with high confidence that this story is extremely not true — considering that the US fleet was actually hanging out 3,500 miles away.

This story — created out of thin air — was originally peddled by the Japan Times, and it spread like wildfire.

Stop listening to western media reports about Russian and Chinese military posturing. It’s guano.