Maria Zakharova blasts Macron campaign for clear racism against Russian press


RT reporters were barred from accreditation for the first time despite having applied in advance and being promised access to Macron’s HQ.

Macron has run a campaign that has been openly hostile, and very whiny, towards anything and everything Russian.

Mirroring Hillary Clinton’s strategy to focus little on policy, and completely on red-baiting, Macron managed to do what Hillary could not…move into certain election victory based on a hate filled Russophobia platform.

  • One of Macron’s campaign aids, a man called Mounir Mahjoubi accused RT as well as Sputnik of spreading ‘false information’ about Macron and even more bizarrely, said that the Russian media outlets were working with ‘fascist organisations or extreme right news organisations’.

RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan issued a statement on the actions of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign toward RT reporters…

  • “So this is how the freedom of speech ends in such an inelegant way in the country, which is proud of its freedoms almost more than of Camembert and Brie [types of cheese].”

The Russian Foreign Ministry is also speaking out against the soon-to-be French President’s openly discriminatory stance towards Russia.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during her weekly press briefing that the decision made by the Macron’s campaign headquarters, to deny accreditation to RT and Sputnik reporters, is an act of “purposeful discrimination.” 

“We have noted what we see as a flagrant decision of the headquarters of French presidential candidate Macron to refuse accreditation to Russian media outlets, in particular to Sputnik, Russia Today and Ruptly video agency.”

“Taking into consideration that they did not create any obstacles for other foreign media outlets, we assess these prohibitive measures as purposeful and blatant discrimination of Russian media outlets by a presidential candidate of a country that historically has been on guard of freedom of speech.”

“We call on international institutions and competent authorities of the French Republic to pay particular attention to the abuse of media rights during the presidential election.”

We expect the French media and international institutions to do nothing about Macron’s Russophobia racism.

Macron may not even be to blame, he is simply a puppet of the globalist elite, and does exactly what he is told by forces way above his pay grade and intellectual capacity.

Macron will most likely become President of France, but he will have little to no decision making authority.

Expect the Russia slandering and racism to continue until the globalists get the war they so urgently crave. Until then, Macron will read the scripts given to him, and play the part he was manufactured to play.