Damascus to File Lawsuits Over Terrorist Crimes Committed in Syria

Damascus has documented proof of the crimes committed by Daesh and other terrorists, Syrian Justice Minister Najm al Ahmed said in an interview with Sputnik Arabic.

He added that the veracity of the documents had been proven by independent judicial committees and forensic experts.

Syria is going to file a lawsuit with regional and internationals courts against the perpetrators of terrorist crimes in the country. Damascus has enough documents on its hands indicating that the terrorists are getting help from some Arab and other countries.

Najm al Ahmed also said that terrorist crimes committed inside the country fall under the jurisdiction of local criminal courts.

  • “Many of the terrorists we pardoned since the start of this war have returned to normal life and some joined the Syrian Army,” the minister told Sputnik Arabic.

He noted that before the breakout of the civil war in 2011 Syria was the world’s third country in terms of security, stability in political, economic and social life.

  • According to the latest statistics, 24,500 Saudi Arabian nationals, including 19 women, have taken part in the Syrian conflict. Almost 6,000 were killed and some 2,700 remain unaccounted for.
  • Of the 25,800 Turkish citizens, including Turkomans, “gray wolves” and Turkish army personnel who fought in Syria, 5,760 were killed and 380 went missing.
  • Of the 14,000 terrorists from Palestine, refugee camps and Gaza, 4,920 were killed and 670 went missing.
  • Of the 10,500 Tunisians, 4,200 were killed, including 45 women, and 1,260 went missing.
  • Of the 9,500 Libyans, 3,940 were killed and 1,650 are unaccounted for.
  • Of the 13,000 terrorists from Iraq, 3,780 were killed and 1,200 went missing.
  • Of the 11,000 Lebanese nationals, 3,110 were killed, including seven women, and 1,080 went missing.
  • Of the 8,600 people from Turkmenistan, 3,050 were killed, including 11 women, and 900 went missing.
  • Of the 7,500 Egyptians, 2,100 were killed and 870 went missing.
  • Of the 3,900 Jordanian militants, 1,990 were killed and 265 went missingOf the 4,600 militants from Pakistan, 1,380 were killed and 590 went missing.
  • Of the 3,600 fighters from Afghanistan, 1,240 were killed and 650 went missing.
  • Of the 2,800 Yemeni terrorists, 1,440 were killed and 700 went missing.